Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

When participating in this Zombie Frontier 4 game, you will fight against the enemies. BOSS mutate and collect materials, blueprints to forge weapons, join in and experience the real apocalypse, watching zombie limbs explode.

Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)


Zombie Frontier 4 is highly appreciated by players for its engaging and engaging storyline. Set in a world in turmoil due to a radioactive leak. Players will use the resources they have to buy weapons to defeat the enemy. To win, the player must perform the set tasks. The higher the level, the stronger the enemy requires the player to know how to use skills, good gameplay, and suitable guns to defeat the enemy. From there, players will clearly feel the activities of the fighting action game.

A highlight in the game context is that zombies, mutant monsters from radiation, are attacking your shelter. Players must build this shelter upgrade on their own using weapons and resources acquired during the mission. And during the game, the weapons and valuable items obtained when defeating the enemy will help in the fight; the more you own, the higher the win rate, the easier it is for you to level up.

Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)


Zombie Frontier 4 is a game that has received a lot of appreciation from players by building simple, dramatic gameplay. An interesting thing here, as a player defeating large numbers of zombies, a battlefield obtains items and resources. The weapons in the game will change the strength and combat ability when we buy valuable ones. Therefore, when the player collects more items, possesses more and more weapons with special abilities, it will increase the combat ability to a significant extent.

Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

This is a diverse mission-building game with many different challenges. The main task of the game is to shoot the invading zombies and collect valuable items. The higher the level, the more complex and dangerous the missions require the player to use skills, observation ability, how to arrange weapons accordingly to defeat them, and win the battle loot, complete quests to new levels.


The game will provide players with different levels, from easy to difficult. During the battle, it is possible to obtain valuable items when defeating the enemy. In addition, when leveled up, the player will be provided with useful weapons to increase strength.

In addition to participating in combat missions, players must also build shelters and upgrade weapons, training their sniper ability to eliminate them. The bigger your cover, the more survivors will come and provide you with useful items and resources, increasing your strength and leveling up.

Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

Zombie Frontier 4 is a game that is attractive by attractive gameplay and diverse tasks and possesses beautiful graphics and vivid sounds. So, join to learn and experience this game that will make you enjoy it for the first time!



  • One hit kill
  • God mode


Zombie Frontier 4 v1.1.6 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

SIZE : 254M

GURGE : Action

– 1.1.6 – MOD V1

– 1.1.6 – MOD V2

– 1.1.6 – Original

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