Zombie Frontier 3 v2.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

FPS games have always been a thing that attracts many players, even though it has been released since 1973. But undergoing a lot of development time, the requirements of the player for the game more and more draconian, they want something new to be able to experience. So there was a new genre born, which is FPS combined with zombie elements, now has become a good genre for players. The game that is getting the attention of many players on the mobile platform is Zombie Frontier 3 – an FPS x Zombie game. This is the latest instalment of this famous series and is expected to continue the success of the previous part. When players come to this game, you will see what you have seen in the last section but have been upgraded to provide a better experience.

Over millions of years of development, people have experienced many dangers and threats, but we still pass them safely. But until one day, a new strain of virus appeared and spread widely in the human world; it turned humans into zombies. The spread of this disease is so fast; no one has been able to find a way to stop the spread. In just a short period, almost all humans have been infected and very few survivors of this pandemic. The survivors unite together to overcome the hardship of this disease. Players will be able to play one of the few survivors to experience the game.

Novel playing style

Just like what the game introduces, this game is built in the FPS style, but there are some different things to bring a new experience. Players will not be free to move like other games; players can only stand a place to attack the enemy. Players can only control characters turn around to search for the location of zombies and defeat them. This style is usually only seen in titles about the sniper soldier, but this time it was put into a zombie game to bring a new breeze. Players can only move when all zombies have been destroyed, and the player will go to another location to fight. Players also do not need to worry too much about standing still; they will become the prey of zombies because they are very slow. Before they reach the player’s position to attack you, you can finish them with a headshot.

Huge arsenal

Weapons are what any shooter should have, not only but also a lot for players to use. The game gives players a lot of different weapons for players to choose from. Players will be provided with up to 30 different guns for you to choose from, such as MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, and more. They will be divided into different categories, such as assault rifle, sniper, SMG, and each will have some different characteristics for you to consider.

Diverse missions

The player not only survives, but the game also gives players a lot of different tasks for you to perform. The requirements of the game are also very diverse, such as rescuing survivors, destroying enemies from afar, so they do not harm others.


Zombie Frontier 3 v2.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android


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– 2.40 – MOD

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