Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Zombie Escape MOD game will allow you to enter a world of the apocalypse and be surrounded by obnoxious zombies. Your job will be to participate in battles with zombies, win and save your friends and the world. The game will give you a lot of different special emotions when starting and experiencing it.


Your top goal when starting with Zombie Escape: Pull the pins & save your friends! Definitely destroy all the hateful zombies that are invading the world. And to be able to achieve this goal, you will have to overcome the system of challenges that the game creators have created. You will be free to torture and destroy the other zombies by pushing them into the fire, dropping barrels on your head, and putting them in the metal cutter.

Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

And to be able to do that, what you need to do will be to solve the puzzles that the game will give you. The manipulations to solve these puzzles are also very simple, such as pulling the necessary pegs, moving the character through the elevator, etc… Thanks to the reasonable arrangements, the friends are also friends who will be freed, and the zombies will go to death. The challenges will and the puzzles will be adjusted in increasing difficulty with the experience you gain after passing the previous rounds. All have been carefully arranged to wait for you to start the war with zombies.


You will not need to worry about the game being operated with only a few simple operations to be able to solve puzzles and overcome challenges that will easily make you boring. Because basically, overcoming challenges has given you a special emotion. The challenges have been carefully researched to be able to guide the player’s emotions when experiencing this game.

Besides, players will also be able to witness firsthand the unique action situations that the characters in the game will bring. After you pass a pin, the character will move and perform unique acrobatic situations. Along with that, the zombies being brought to an end and crushed by fire, water, metal cutters will also be a great experience. To do this, the game has integrated many different movements, and they must work together perfectly.

Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


One of the things you will be able to feel in the game that will make fighting the zombies more interesting will be the sound in the game. The game has researched and recorded many unique and new sounds to make your game more vivid. The sound of action or the sound of the surrounding environment has also been carefully filtered to bring the best quality.

Coordinate with the game’s sound system will be the graphics. The game has been very much appreciated and appreciated for the graphical experience. To experience the unique action situations of the character, the graphic creators have carefully designed the graphics. You will feel sharp, high-quality graphics right from the first login.

Entering a world of the apocalypse with the appearance and invasion of the world of zombies will certainly be a new experience. Come to Zombie Escape: Pull the pins & save your friends! to be able to join this world and become the heroes to kill zombies. Many unique features from sound to image are also waiting for you to discover.


Zombie Escape v1.1.2b MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 28M

GURGE : Puzzle

– 1.1.2b – MOD

– 1.0b – MOD

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