ZAO (Deep Fake) APK v1.7.1

Deepfake has been one of the most sensitive keywords on the internet. From here, this entertainment has ignited a trend among young people when creating funny photos or videos together. However, its influence has also brought about controversy. These products cause fever because of the high entertainment they bring, but the risk is also significant. ZAO is one of the outstanding applications that allows users to perform editing operations quickly and only today. However, in fact, ZAO and other versions of it have faced many concerns about information security for customers. So let’s find out the truth.

Users can efficiently perform editing operations on the application

The term ZAO appeared a lot on the Internet since the end of 2017; this name is a combination of “deep learning” and “fake.” Right from the name, the application was very confident in being able to create virtual faces with high accuracy. Taking photos with family or friends to save memorable moments must have been not too strange for everyone. However, photos need to be entertaining to add an impression to the photo. Catching that trend, ZAO was released to satisfy users’ desire. With just a few small steps, you can create an exciting picture and make a big laugh. The application allows you to swap faces when you take a selfie with your family or friends. In addition, this application is also used to replace the face of an actor in a famous movie and series. You can indirectly become the main character in a drama and let’s quickly show off the results to your friends. More specifically, this application also impresses the point that your face even copies the expression of the original performer. What are you waiting without trying a magic app like this?

The application also offers many outstanding features

With ZAO, the face swap video will be algorithmically generated, so the compatibility and accuracy of the product created are quite high. But also for that reason, many people were agitated when their images became mocking images. Fortunately, these types of images are relatively easy to spot at this time, and therefore not too dangerous. Instead, if used correctly for a useful purpose, this can obviously be a pretty impressive application. Recently, Chinese Android and iOS apps have been released that allow most people to insert themselves into famous movie scenes, but the app still has a considerable download. As with FaceApp before, the concern about privacy and privacy quickly made people worried.

Is this a safe application?

Because ZAO is too abusive for requesting access to users, it has raised concerns and doubts about the security of the application. Citing the user agreement to agree before experiencing the app, this gives the company behind the right to use any images created on the app for any purpose. Therefore, this makes a lot of users worried about the meaning of using their pictures later. In addition, the application also affects the privacy of users when celebrities are cut into sensitive images. Currently, the purpose of the application to collect pictures of users is still a big question mark, so you should read the requirements before you want to experience the features of this application.

Is prevention of deepfakes an easy task?

Due to the negative harm that deepfakes bring, the founders have also encountered a lot of criticism for not anticipating its negatives. Although manufacturers claim to have found a way to detect and remove deepfakes with success rates of up to 90%, it is difficult to control the situation. In their report, the authors point out that Deepfake and anti-Deepfake technologies are developing in the same direction as the relationship between viruses and anti-virus software. If any bugs or weaknesses are detected that can make antivirus more effective, later versions of the virus will “fix” these errors and become even more sophisticated than before. According to experts, the software and tools that can detect the edited video will only fix a small part of this problem. The authors of the anti-Deepfake device also think that their results will become useless.

Undeniably the great entertainment that ZAO has brought to use. Despite encountering a lot of comments, the application is still appreciated for its features. If you want to experience this application, be a wise user.


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ZAO (Deep Fake) APK v1.7.1

SIZE : 68.98MB

GURGE : Entertainment

– 1.7.1

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