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Yandex Music APK + MOD v2021.11.2 (Plus Subscription)

Yandex Music is a music application from a Russian publisher. It is one of the most famous forms of this country to serve the needs of listening to music on Android by users. The first and simplest thing is that this application is designed for Russians to use images, so they are all installed in this language. But be assured because it can still be adjusted to the English language normally.

Yandex Music really has an extremely user-friendly interface because its design is almost identical to popular applications today. You can see that all applications are sorted and displayed like Spotify. Once in use, you will see several differences, such as the mainstream wallpaper and the main features arranged in different places. However, for those who use the application to listen to music regularly, the customization will not cause too much trouble for them. They simply load the music they like into the app and then let it run to enjoy it. But if you still want to learn, it is quite simple, just appropriate in hidden folders only. A typical user also has the power to find out.

Discover what’s new and amazing in Yandex Music!

About the feature section, Yandex Music owns tens of millions of tracks in one application. As you know, it is a Russian-based release application, so songs will also prioritize this language. But you do not need to worry too much Because in the music store millions of songs always receive the latest updates for the hottest music in the world. Also, for each occasion in five years, there will be a suitable playlist of music for users to match the mood. For example, on Christmas, the world famous songs on this occasion will always be on top, New Year, Easter, … and many holidays in many cultures are paid attention.

Personalized music recommendations

Besides, the albums and singles sold in the world that have a lot of fans interest are updated almost immediately. Users do not need to care too much about the music store, and even those songs were put on the shelves of “Yandex Music” before it became famous or not. But that’s what the publisher has to do, but for the individual user, the system will scan your listening habits to suggest the most suitable music list for the hobby. This is considered to be just a basic operation that any service provider is aiming for. You can listen to music online when you have an internet connection or just download the memory to listen to it offline.

You can create your own list to contain your favorite music. It will also be in the Yandex Music database, so don’t be afraid to lose it. Finally, if you love this app, you can provide some money to unlock the premium. Once you own the premium, you can use even more advanced features. I revealed one thing, our apk file has already opened the premium key already, recommend it to your friends and enjoy it.


  • Features: In the modification, unnecessary analytics and advertising were deleted, PLUS was unlocked, the ability to disable cache encryption, access without authorization and working through proxies was added, minor improvements

Yandex Music APK + MOD v2021.11.2 (Plus Subscription)

SIZE : 34M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 2021.11.2 – MOD

– 2021.11.1 – MOD

– 2021.10.4 – MOD

– 2021.07.3 #4004 – MOD

– 2021.11.2 #4304 – Original

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