Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download

Xenowerk is a shooting action game released by Pixelbite, and this game depicts that important research facilities have had some problems. And not long after, these places were filled with filthy monsters, with no sign of survival inside. From the information data obtained from the cameras inside the facility, it looks like they will have an explosion to the outside world.

Yes, it was the filthy Xeno that successfully captured these important headquarters, and no one went in to survive and return to the mission. It is a place of death, those who go there find their own way to death but it is a very important issue for humanity. And you, the one who can take on this responsibility, is to purge all the Xeno that are lurking inside.

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download


Since this is a top-down action shooter game, controlling the character and shooting will not be difficult. As long as the player moves safely, avoiding contact with Xeno, he can easily cross the stage. Combined with moving and simultaneously attacking correctly, it will be easy to destroy the dirty Xeno, but there will be a number of limitations during firing, which is Overheat. When weapons fire for too long, this will lead to this situation, have to stop for a while for weapons to cool down. If players upgrade it, the Overheat limit will also be increased, can shoot longer, and cool down faster.

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download

Our characters will be equipped with the most advanced armor, they will increase our defense, HP, and speed for us. At the same time, each suite will come with a number of special skills, to use these skills, the player will use the roller on the right side of the screen, there are currently 5 types of skills that players can use, it is:

– Damage Boost: Damage and rate of fire will be increased significantly, but only effective in a short time.
– Heat Nullifier: Instant cooldown of weapons being Overheat, allowing players to continue firing without increasing the Overheat process in a short time.
– Ring of Frost: Freezes all targets in a large area, the higher the suit, the wider the ice area.
– Speed ​​Boost: Increase movement speed significantly, and can operate for a long time.
– Full Heal: In the game will not drop healing items. So you can only heal with this skill, regaining 100% of your HP but the recovery time is quite long.

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download

Each time it uses Ability it costs 1 Energy, the player has up to 5 Energy. And they can be recharged over a period of time, so they need to be used in dangerous or necessary moments. These skills will be unlocked in turn depending on the suit the player is wearing, the higher the suit the more skill will be.

During the battle, when destroying Xeno, they will drop money and experience. The money will be used to buy new weapons and equipment. The experience here does not refer to the experience of the character, but rather to the weapon. Each weapon can be upgraded when collecting full experience, their maximum level is 10, and players can track the stats in the backpack. Also, players can get some bonus weapons during the stage.

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download


The current game has 3 main campaigns, and each campaign will consist of 20 stages when successfully completing them the player will be rewarded with bonus rewards. In some stages there will be certain requirements, players need to complete them before reaching the elevator to finish. Each game screen will be assessed by the system, if the player completes it slowly, the rating level will be low, or not kill all the targets that have reached the elevator. If the player owns a certain amount of Star, there will be some special gifts, including high-class suits.

The game will have a huge arsenal of different weapons for players, all of them suitable for purging the dirty Xeno. Even these weapons will have more powerful upgrades if the player reaches the level, and of course, need to spend some money to buy it.

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download


With 3D graphics and character designs, all are built on Unity, with the perfect rendering of light and shadow, giving players a creepy feeling every time. The gestures and effects of the characters are clear and without any uncertainty, even the Xeno is designed in detail. This game is strictly prohibited for young children because of the violence and gore of this game, but this will be a suitable choice for fans of alien shooting action.

In addition, the game has an automatic camera system, players can easily look in a certain direction without being obscured by the surrounding terrain, to be able to adjust the camera, the player can use the power function on the left. If the player moves around, the camera will rotate randomly, so it is important to constantly reset them for a better view.

If you are a lover of shooting action and have a hobby of purifying foreign objects, then come to Xenowerk, ensuring this game will not disappoint you.


1. God Mode
2. All missions unlocked
3. All weapons unlocked

Xenowerk v1.6.0 MOD APK + OBB (God Mode/All Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 186M

GURGE : Action

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– 1.6.0 – MOD

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