XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB – Download for Android

XCOM is a top-rated game series and is loved by many players and released a long time ago on many different platforms. The first part was released in 1994, and after that, there were many post-production releases for players to experience. Although there are many post-game releases, the second part of the game is still not released until 20 years later, it was in 2016 when the second part of the game was born. And not long ago, there was another good news for fans of this series: the game was released on mobile platforms. This release differs from previous releases because it has been transformed into a collection called XCOM 2 Collection.

XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


The second part of the game is set in 2035, 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within to continue the story. XCOM has shown that it is too weak, and the members of the committee cannot afford to fight the aliens. As soon as the aliens arrived on earth, the council stood out to surrender to their onslaught. The earth is now under the rule of aliens, and the most potent members of XCOM have also given up hope of saving the world. But not all, as the Bradford Center Officer refused to take control of the aliens and acted as an underground resistance force. ADVENT Administration is a tool used by aliens as something to rule humankind. ADVENT has propagated that the aliens came to this world to ally with humans and live in peace.

XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB - Download for Android

But the people of the council behaved in the extreme, so there were unnecessary conflicts when they came to earth. The truth behind those lies, only a few people can know. Players will play the Commander’s role, captured by aliens, and had brain implants to control thinking abilities. After Bradford rescues the commander, he attacks a convoy to steal the elerium cores used to power the Avenger. They already know an alien base that becomes the Avenger’s operations base to begin implementing their plan. The player will be the one who carries the responsibility of saving the world to bring true peace.

XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


If the player wants to understand the game’s story on other platforms like PC or console, the player needs to buy the entire game. But for this game, it is not; everything is a lot simpler if the player chooses this mobile version. Because it’s all included in a single game for players to experience, that’s why the word Collection is behind the game’s name. This game comes with all the DLCs ever released on PC, including the War is the Chosen expansion and other content packs for players to experience. All of these are giveaways when players download this game. Players only need to download one and can experience them all; if you are the first time with the game, you should experience this version.

XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB - Download for Android


In this game, guerrilla warfare’s essence remains the same and takes up nearly 90% of the game’s duration. In the game battles, the player needs to understand a rule that is hit-n-run to be able to win. The enemy has an overwhelming quantity and quality, so the player cannot attack directly. The only way players can win by using a hit-n-run fighting style to attack and hide. Players need to take advantage of the objects on the map to dodge the enemy’s attacks. It would be best if you also moved smartly to seize opportunities to attack the enemy.


To successfully save the world, the player needs to perform many tasks in the game. Each quest that the player completes will bring the player closer to the player’s goal. Once all the inquiries and battles are completed, the player is successful. But to do that is never easy; players will have to fight a lot to achieve what the game requires successfully. In addition to completing the quests, there is one more thing that the player needs to do to stop the development of the Avatar Project. If players let this project be completed, no matter what you do, they will receive failure.


XCOM 2 Collection v1.5.1RC7 APK + OBB – Download for Android


GURGE : Strategy

– 1.5RC13

– 1.5RC13

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