Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)

The wrestling sport is currently widely popular worldwide, and there are many different variations to entertain viewers. The experience and feel it gives viewers are different from other sports and will even be brought to a new level if viewed directly from the stands. Many games also use wrestling elements to develop gameplay and simulate everything, but Wrestling Revolution is the most prominent and potential game on the market today. The game introduces intuitive 3D graphics, comes with vivid interaction, and brings endless entertainment for players. The game will also have many attractive contents for players to explore, including a career mode and other bonus content.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


Wrestling Revolution uses a 3D graphics engine to build environments and many other visual elements, to make the game and the player’s experience come true. The game’s vibrancy and visual effects are both developed in-depth, giving the ring style in wrestling. They make wrestling stand out more, and at the same time, allow players to experience the game through many different perspectives. Furthermore, the game’s graphics can be optimized, personalized, and easily customized; depending on each person’s preferences, they will find the best gameplay experience for themselves. The game’s 3D graphics engine can develop and transform by itself, promising always to bring players the best visual experience.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


Wrestling Revolution owns gameplay with a wrestling simulation, allowing players to experience this sport through professional virtual wrestling. The game will introduce many different game modes for players to explore, in which the main element is the career mode, where players develop themselves through countless matches. Furthermore, the extra modes will provide players with endless entertainment and let them experience all the quintessence of wrestling. The game will continuously update new content to compensate for the lack of online mode, and at the same time, create many opportunities for players to develop. Besides, new wrestles will be introduced or unlocked, and each individual has its unique traits, and they can all evolve.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


Players’ wrestling career will be glorious if they continually win overwhelming victories against other wrestling teams. The great thing about this game is that players can build a wrestling team with many different individuals. Since then, perform tag team and many other attractive modes for the wrestling genre. Furthermore, individual wrestlers’ management is straightforward, and players can arrange practice schedules to develop their skills and many other elements in the match. The game will also introduce a custom wrestling system, where players can change their appearance and many other elements to make wrestling more stylish or funny.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


Wrestling is a general sport where winning conditions are challenging to achieve, but it offers audiences great emotions and experiences when directly watched. The game will introduce a flexible and interactive control mechanism, allowing players to control wrestlers more easily. Moreover, players will have access to many different wrestling styles, so the control mechanism is rich for players to explore. Players can coordinate with many controls together to create combos or perform special skills of wrestling. Each wrestler can unlock new skills in the future, and they all have different modes of activation to enrich players’ gameplay experiences.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


The game’s content and activities are impressive and entertaining, bring the wrestling world’s style, and bring the player’s experience to a new level. The game offers players various events and activities, including tournaments or special challenges. All content is related to wrestling and also an opportunity for players to improve their own fighting skills. The rewards for the outstanding activities are new wrestlers or special items, all of which are worthwhile and can be used by the player for various purposes.

Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)


Wrestling Revolution will cover the investment factor, revenue, and a significant capital source for players to develop their wrestling team. The investment will continue to come to players in various ways, and the best way is to make your reputation echo through the game. As the more players win, the more the reputation resounds, and more opportunities are drawn for future growth.

Wrestling Revolution is a perfect wrestling simulation game, all of its elements such as gameplay, sound, graphics, content, and more will bring the real wrestling experience to the game. Furthermore, players can develop their wrestling team, from which to participate in countless events and tournaments to bring glory to wrestling.


Wrestling Revolution 3D v1.770 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked)

SIZE : 41M

GURGE : Sports

– 1.712 – MOD

– 1.770 – Original

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