World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download

A cricket sport appearing in World of Cricket 2021 is entirely reproduced and allows players to experience short but challenging moments. You will experience two positions in a match, and you will try to find opportunities to defeat your opponent in the game. At the same time, the game also offers mechanics to help you increase your strength and challenges so you can test yourself.

World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download


Players will be able to experience fascinating but equally challenging cricket matches in the World of Cricket. Players will try skill-demanding gameplay as they can take on two different positions, Bat and Ball. At the same time, a feature that you will need to know is that the perspective of these two positions is entirely different and is determined through many different levels. So you’ll be able to observe what’s going on in the field and choose your tactics carefully.

World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download

This game also always has accompanying functions for players’ convenience to choose the right way to throw or hit. You will find these elements represent the direction of the throw so that it is convenient to select the force depending on the target of the position you are holding. So, in the process of playing, you will take time to get acquainted with them and improve your skills. At the same time, if you do not know the rules of the game, do not worry because the gameplay is straightforward and accessible.

World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download


In World of Cricket, the player will change his role in a match taking place in the stadium and win against his opponent. The goal of each location is entirely different, and it will provide a unique experience. Specifically, the pitcher’s goal is to land three sticks buried in the ground. In front of it is the opponent’s batter. Therefore, you will choose the right throws so that this person can’t hit the ball or hit with insufficient force to go out.

Calculating the score of each team is completely simple. If you’re in the pitching position, you’ll either park three clubs behind or keep the batter out of the playing area so a teammate can catch it. So this is a straightforward thing and requires you to observe and choose the location correctly. The way to score the ball position is opposite to hitting the ball, which is to hit the ball out of the playing area and not be caught.

World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download


As mentioned above, the gameplay of World of Cricket is entirely understandable; it requires a lot of skill from the player, and they will need to be careful in all the elements because if you are not careful, you will award your points to your opponent. Simultaneously, during the game, you can also improve some of the athletes’ stats on your team to optimize their strength and participate in many different tournaments. This game has a system of tournaments that you will need to pay attention to.

If you love fun and not too stressful matches, you will undoubtedly be able to meet opponents of different levels, and over time, your skills will undoubtedly increase. From there, you will also be able to become more confident in challenging modes like Challenges or Tournaments. Players will feel like they are going through an accurate match and entirely focused on what happens in front of the enemy to win.


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World of Cricket 2021 v11.6 MOD APK (Free Purchased) Download

SIZE : 16M

GURGE : Sports

– 11.2 – MOD

– 9.6.3

– 11.6 – Original

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