Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download

Word Bakers is one of the fun game genre games designed and released for mobile users. Players will participate in solving puzzles, participate in serious mental competitions, help Anna repair and clean the house; unique tasks are assigned to you. Players will feel new joys when participating in the game; download the game immediately to your device to join us in creating a fun and exciting life.

Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download


Word Bakers is a fairly well-constructed game; with Anna’s character repairing and cleaning her kitchen, players will solve word puzzles to help the character, Anna. Players will be able to participate in many mind battles or solve difficult puzzles. To win a high score, you must be quick to sharpen your mind, bring joy to yourself and help the main character in the game. Through the game will improve the player’s word puzzle skills, stimulate sharp thinking.

Quickly complete the missions and different levels in the game, arranged from easy to complex; gradually, the character will be leveled up to cook for famous restaurant chains. Complete puzzle missions to increase your character Anna’s career skills and easy task completion opportunities, so players should rely on understanding and answers. If you feel the game is interesting, work hard to open the game, provide comments through the mailbox.


The story in the game is appreciated when the player must complete the tasks in the game to help the character overcome the challenges, complete the tasks. There are hundreds of exciting quests for you to complete and explore, and you’ll be rewarded with tons of puzzles, fun word questions, and thought-provoking puzzles. Diverse levels of play for players to experience, words from easy to difficult are arranged scientifically; unique words are flexible in the question.

Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download

We constantly update the huge number of new words; players add new vocabulary to the game and never get bored when participating in the game. The player’s thinking will be gradually changed and developed; your abstract thinking will be enhanced, knowing how to form words with a combination word. Players will have the opportunity to test their own thinking and ingenuity to practice and play the game harder.


The vivid images in the game are applied sharp and well-organized, showing messages and puzzles for players to understand and find answers to solve puzzles easily. The bright colors in the images realistically represent the meanings, clearly express the player’s tasks, the bright colors make the game more attractive, the background sounds in the game are inserted continuously from start to finish make space more fun and dynamic.

Immediately download the game to your device to experience with us the most relaxing moments of entertainment, solve difficult puzzles, find far-reaching solutions to wacky vocabulary puzzles. The science and neatness in the game, clearly showing the puzzles that need to be answered, join us in this interesting game. Hopefully, the game will bring players the most satisfaction. If you have any feedback related to the game, please send it to us immediately.


  • Buy hint with 1 coin

Word Bakers: Words Search v1.19.9 MOD APK (Free Hints) Download

SIZE : 112M

GURGE : Puzzle

– 1.19.5 – MOD

– 1.19.9 – Original

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