WO Mic v4.6.8 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked)

WO Mic is a wireless microphone for your PC and android devices. This is an entirely free wireless connection tool.

Communication is an essential form of the human being in everyday activities and using the mouth to emit a variety of languages ​​according to the local culture. And human voices can now be carried anywhere through special recording devices, even making long-distance conversations easy. Callers, especially frequent, like streamers and business people, are always on the lookout for high-quality microphones for easy communication. However, not everyone can satisfy a high-quality microphone, as their price is high, even the quality is not guaranteed. But few people know that on most phones these days they have one of the best quality microphones.

WO Mic v4.6.8 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked)

Today, I’m introducing to you WO Mic, an application capable of turning the user’s phone into an external microphone device for users to comfortably chat with their friends after connecting to a PC and Mac. With this application, users will not need to search for expensive microphones or headphones with microphones to chat with friends. The user’s smartphone itself has a built-in high-quality microphone, which easily records with the best sound quality, as well as tuned and eliminated noise automatically. If you are regularly gaming or working with colleagues from a long distance, why not use your phone as a temporary microphone?


WO Mic is an application that turns the user’s phone into a temporary microphone, so it has a simple and user-friendly interface. The application does not have any complicated features, as well as the ability for users to personalize the application, so its interface will be just a simple white array, helping users to manage connected devices. , and adjust other features. What’s even more interesting is that the app will work in the background, and the user can edit the microphone volume through it, so the user won’t need to open the app to talk constantly. With such an interface, users will have the best user experience possible, even with just a few basic steps to master the application.


You may not know, but your smartphone is a wireless microphone that can be used anytime, anywhere, without the need for recording devices. “WO Mic” has many options for users to connect their devices to a PC or Mac, which is via Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi. Once connected, the application will scan for compatible devices, and all settings related to the microphone will be displayed to the user. When all is done, users have a wireless microphone, high quality, convenient, and easy to chat with friends during gaming or meetings. “WO Mic” is created to give everyone the convenience of an expensive microphone device, as well as a wireless mic, making work or gaming experience more convenient.

WO Mic v4.6.8 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked)


WO Mic not only turns the user’s phone into a temporary microphone for work or gaming, but it also comes with many attractive settings for users to customize micro. Customizing the microphone will give the user many benefits, such as more transparent voices, eliminating noise or background sound, adjusting recording volume, etc. Also, through those settings, users will have an expensive and easily customizable microphone. Users can even use more voice changer apps right on this app without worrying about connection errors to Mac or PC. Moreover, the method of connecting by WiFi in public places, by using WiFi direct, the application will automatically find the user’s devices and remove other factors that can easily penetrate the user data and data theft.


If users want to create funny events or want to tease their friends, they can use the app’s included features. The accompanying functions are voice change, sound effects, soundboard, voice customization, etc. The application has loads of built-in functions for users, even features to remove noise, add background music, and more to play with friends. Moreover, the application comes with many functions to change the interface, lively, diverse, and rich, for users to have a better user experience.

Chat, texting, and online video calling with friends or colleagues are essential functions of this modern day. However, not everyone can guarantee the best conditions to transmit their words or actions through the microphone easily. But with “WO Mic,” everything becomes more superficial, and users will save money to buy new and versatile microphones.


WO Mic v4.6.8 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked)


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– 4.6.6 – Pro

– 4.6.5 – Pro

– 4.6.8 – Original

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