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Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)

Wilderless is sure to please those who love to travel and always find new things through exceptional adventure gameplay.

Adventures are always something we all have been looking forward to, to discover new things, to know new things in life. Almost all of us have heard about fairy tales and adventures of characters like Peter Pan. The story of a boy who never grew up and had the flying ability; is a typical example of adventures. Surely each of us wishes to have an adventure to the lands we have never been to, to be able to discover new things about life. But nowadays the busy life has made us forget that we have had such dreams, but if in real life we ​​can not do it, let’s go to the gaming world.

Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)

Introducing to you a game called Wilderless, this is a game produced and published by Protopop Games. Many players have known the publisher through the famous game Nimian Legends, this game has been very popular worldwide. When players come to this game, they will always be assured that it is going to be an extremely attractive adventure. Trips to new lands, exploring the landscape of majestic nature with great beauty, the game will give users a great experience.

Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)


A mysterious land, an unexplored world, a place containing many mysteries, this is where it all started. Players will be transformed into a boy and make an adventure to this mysterious land to be able to explore it. This land is a peaceful place with stunning scenery, majestic high mountains, sparkling lakes under the sun. This world is a quiet place, and it is enormous without anyone living here. But will everything be as peaceful as what the boy is thinking? Is there still a dangerous mystery hidden in the land waiting to be discovered? All the answers are inside this game, come and explore all the secrets.

Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)


The gameplay of the game is straightforward because when coming to this game, the player just needs to move around the map to explore. That’s all but the player can do in the first version has just been launched, players can only move around the map to explore. But this does not mean that the game becomes boring because there are no fight scenes at present. Players will still feel the excitement of the game through the scenes in the game; the purpose of the player’s discovery is to enjoy the landscape in the game.

Because they have no other life here, players will feel free to do all the things they like that no one can stop. Players can also experience stronger sensations such as jumping from mountains to the ground without a parachute. But players will also not be able to die because the character’s cloak allows players to hover in the air. So players do not need to worry about whether the characters in the game will die or not because it is impossible to happen.

Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)



This is just the first version of the game, so it was not perfect from the start. The creative team of this game once said that this game will be developed through stages and will soon be perfect. But that is the future, and now the game still has a great deal of interest from players around the world, they are waiting to experience this game. Maybe in the future, life will appear, and at the same time, there will be dangerous monsters that players will have to fight, let’s wait.


This is the biggest highlight of Wilderless at present, the graphics of the game are completed perfectly. It comes with a 3D graphics format; all the scenes in the game are great for players to enjoy. Everything looks like real life, even more dominant, especially the scene when the sun goes down, and the stars begin to appear. The effect of the game is also great, but effects such as ripples, wind blowing, reflecting images on the water … all are completed in the best way.

Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)

All of these things have contributed to a great game, and things will get even better in the future after the latest updates are available.


Wilderless v1.5 APK (Full Patched)

SIZE : 118M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 1.5 – Patched

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