WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK

The internet is one of the most used things, and it has become an indispensable part of the lives of many people. If you want to access the internet, you need to have data or wifi; the most used thing is probably wifi. Because wifi is cheaper than buying data, superior speed, and many other features it can do. But there are times when the wifi fails and does not work in the best way, and to determine the error, use the application Wifi Analyzer Pro. This application is what will turn the user’s mobile phone into the most accurate wifi analyzer for you to use.

WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK


Before using this app, you must make sure it is present on the device and then launch it to start working. There will be two options for the user after starting the application: the device is connected to wifi, and the device is not connected to wifi to provide the function. If not connected to wifi, the application will display a Wireless Setting window so that users can directly enable wifi. This window will display many wifi networks around the user and analyze which one is the best for you to connect. And if the user starts the application in the condition connected to wifi, the application will automatically analyze that wifi to give data about it. If something is not right, the application will notify the user and try to fix this error. Once you’ve done it all, go back to the homepage and turn off the app to enjoy the excellent wifi experience.

WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK

Multiple display modes

This application will provide users with five different display modes for users to use and observe. Each mode will have a unique feature and its features to bring different experiences to users.

Channel graph

The application will display a map with all nearby wifi connection points for the user to select. It will plot a graph line with a color representing each network on the map, on a vertical scale to show signal strength. Besides, with anything that users want to connect to use, they can click and choose for easy follow-up.

WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK

Time graph

In this mode, the application displays a time chart in different colors to indicate the signal strength. Besides, these lines also change with the network speed allowing users to see how they change over time. This view is easy to use, and it can tell the user about the stability of the network to connect to. Users can also add a name and color to the wifi in the notes at the top. The user can touch any name, and it will highlight the corresponding chart line for easy viewing and comparison.

Channel rating

In this display method, the application will give all the connection points and rate them on a scale of 0 – 10 stars for the user to take away. Thanks to this feature, users can easily judge what the best application to use is. The higher rate an access point has, the less congested the network signal is, and the better it will be for users to experience.

WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK

AP list

For each access point, it displays many parameters for the user to refer to, e.g., current channel, frequency, signal strength, and security settings. Thus users can get an overview of what wifi can do for you

Signal meter

In this mode, the user will see a standard gauge with the needle moving automatically from left to right, corresponding to the rising or falling of the network signal. Besides, to notify the internet speed, this also allows users to set audio. Depending on the speed of the beep, the speed of the internet can be high or low; users do not need to stare at the screen to observe but listen.

WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK

Automatic scan

This application also has a feature that automatically scans and searches for the network every time the user starts the wifi connection. Users do not need to do it manually, but the application will automatically check and find what is required. The application can also automatically scan after a particular time to find more powerful connections. For example, users can set 1 second, 3 seconds, 10 seconds for the application to scan automatically.


WiFi Analyzer Pro v4.4.1 (Full Paid) APK


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