Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The world of shimmering wedding dresses in Wedding Salon 2 MOD welcomes you to explore, dressing up in the most stunning bridal characters. You own a chain of famous wedding salons with branches around the world. Not only that, you design unique wedding invitation dishes painted with flavors throughout the four seas and five continents. In addition, you also choose costumes for the bride, groom, and guests so that the same color tones create a perfect scene.

Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


With the latest version to be released this summer, Wedding Salon 2 presents you with new opportunities and pleasures. Specifically, the main character will appear in a particularly bold appearance of the sea and sunshine. Not only that, the most delicious and sweetest fruits of summer are also offered on the banquet tables. The sun shines everywhere, crept in every leaf and curtain.

Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Supporting you in this party are the girls and staff who are both beautiful, talented and experienced. They help you prepare everything from signing contracts with customers to arranging chairs for guests to join the party. Or even negligence, problems such as power failure, falling flowers, … while the party is going on, your staff with ingenuity and intelligence will solve it smoothly and easily.

Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The dream of becoming a leading expert in the field of wedding shop design is gradually becoming a reality in this small world. When your success and prestige are increasingly confirmed by developing a chain of stores, expanding them from Bali, France to Italy, USA… Whenever it comes to masters in wedding preparation and preparation. Definitely can’t be without you. You can visit and check the activities of the branches and take the opportunity to travel the world is also a good idea.

Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The services you have when coming to Wedding Salon 2 are very diverse; it can be said that nothing is lacking, from trivial to great. From baking, preparing food on the party table, etc., or choosing the groom’s clothes, the wedding dress for the bride is also carefully conducted. In particular, at each individual customer’s party, you and the staff will organize unexpected events that will make them never forget this long-awaited wedding.

Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


In order to make a strong impression on customers, giving them the first good look, the appearance of the salon plays a key role. That is why Wedding Salon 2 adds to the player an extraordinarily eye-catching and luxurious interior system. You can decorate your shop with very fresh roses and orchids that bring the green of nature into the room with many elegant sofas and classic wooden chairs.

Not only that, other rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen, terrace, etc., are all waiting for your unique ideas to come and dye a new color for them. With more than 200 different interior decoration sets to help you freely design to serve customers’ needs. Wedding Salon 2 immerses you in 154 levels ranging from simple to complex with unexpected twists and turns. And the game also gives you many different cooking games like a chef.


Wedding Salon 2 v2.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 93M

GURGE : Simulation

– 2.67 – MOD

– 2.68 – Original

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