TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)

TOHU is a puzzle game set in a fantasy world full of art that any player cannot ignore. You will take the time to find out what is in this game and learn the stories behind it. At the same time, a unique system of quests and puzzles awaits the player to discover, and you will follow the journey and power of two beings that reside in the same body of The Girl.

TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)


The story you will experience takes place in a world called Fish Planet by TOHU. You will see the impressive beauty that it brings. But its peace did not last long when a mysterious light appeared. It is a mysterious entity with a black appearance and the common characteristic it possesses that brings destruction. At the same time, this entity also appeared near an important machine called the Sacred Engine. So it will take someone who can fix this machine.

TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)

The main character of this game is called The Girl; she has an everyday life with a different version of herself: Cubus. These two characters both reside in the same body and have extra power characteristics. So, each person will take on a task in this game and help you solve problems that arise to repair the game’s important machine. In addition, it is also a journey to explore the colorful world similar to a work of art with an impressive soundtrack.


In TOHU, you will find various challenges appearing through a notebook. If you are not sure what to do, then you will need to oversee everything. You will know what happened and when you access the notebook, you will find what you need. You will control the character completely easily when you can direct them anywhere you want. In addition, you will not be able to ignore the interaction with the surrounding elements.

TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)

Once you’ve experienced a work of art, you should focus on discovering what you can do and touching objects you want. After you have touched, the shapes of these objects will be copied onto a card stored in the notebook. It shows how experienced you are in the game, and of course, there will always be challenges that you will need to overcome to make specific progress in the game.

TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)


Players will find various challenging puzzles in TOHU, and of course, you will interact with the items. From there, you will realize what you need to do in each different game screen. When you have learned what you need to do, then you will decide to choose the power of The Girl or the Cube. The character of The Girl will be a girl who is agile and moves quickly in the environment. Cubus is a power-driven mechanical character.

TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)

The first task you perform is to rescue the character’s dog when a heavy object crushes it. In this case, of course, you will not be able to use the character The Girl but need to use the power of Cubes. You will not need to do too many complicated operations to switch characters, and the conversion process is also fast and unlimited. So a system of quests is waiting for you to experience.


TOHU v1.043 APK (Full Paid)

SIZE : 1.1G

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.043 – PAID

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