Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android

Toca Life is a series of games with a new style and rich content for players to relax and explore. The game’s main style is friendliness and humor, giving players countless options to explore the environment and unlock hidden achievements. Each game in the series has many mini-games or locations, making gameplay endless and constantly updating new content to entertain everyone. This article will introduce a game in that series, Toca Life: Town, with its unique and bleak style, giving people feelings of welcome and friendliness for all ages. Moreover, this game will introduce many new characters, and all of them are playable for players to collect and unlock.

Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android


When players come to this game, the game will welcome them to a vibrant and lively town with exciting daily activities, and all its residents are both friendly and lovely. Next, the town’s guide will introduce players to each of the different town areas and all the characters who manage each area. In the future, the interaction of players in town will change dramatically, and players are always welcome to town every time they drop by. Besides that, the town’s outward appearance has an attractive and lively beauty, and it is like a place coming out of fairy tales. Players will gradually discover all the content and beauty of the town through many angles.

Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android


Toca Life: Town has always wanted to emphasize the freedom players have in each of its events, and players can enjoy the game in whatever dimension they love. That is also great in gameplay, as it has no limits, is endless, and always gives players various attractive options to enjoy the game. The variety and richness in gameplay always come from mini-games and exciting activities in the town, along with impressive rewards for players to stick with the game for a long time. The game emphasizes freedom and wants the player to build the town in the direction they want; even the smallest of the player’s things can significantly change the game in the future.

Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android


Mini-games are always refreshed, and the current game has more than hundreds of different content for players to enjoy. Each type of mini-games has different gameplay and rewards compatible with the theme and vibe they emit. Furthermore, mini-games will gradually develop themselves based on player activities and keep the town vibrant and bustling every time they are strolling around. Besides mini-games, the game will also have outstanding activities that take place regularly during special festivals. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for all players to gather together and interact through special events. The game always makes everything in the town funny, friendly, and peaceful, creating a familiar and welcoming feeling.


The game will provide players with a separate house in town, and over time they can improve them for a better in-game experience. By completing mini-games or activities, players will receive many impressive rewards, including the house’s interior and more. Most of the rewards in this game are for players to enjoy the design of their home and each room, and each room can only contain items that are compatible with the environment. That will allow players to be more creative and flexible, as they can receive multiple free rewards and have fun at the same time. In the future, players can decorate entire towns and enjoy all the benefits that come from them.

Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android


Most Toca Life games introduce the function of creating mini-games; everything can work in the direction they love, even enjoy with other players. All games have built-in online functionality, where everyone can build, enjoy, and become more creative with new content. One day you can enjoy hide-n-seek and chase, but the next day you can enjoy other games with other players worldwide.


Toca Life: Town contains countless mysteries surrounding its town and other locations, and all of them are carefully hidden to stimulate player exploration. All treasures are always covered with difficult puzzles, and if players want to collect attractive rewards, they need to overcome them with the best results. That makes the gameplay more creative, as players are both entertained, relaxed, and motivated in endless treasure searches.

Toca Life: Town has always been known for its friendliness and excitement from the environment and its NPCs to give players the vibrant and vibe from a town. Moreover, players can enjoy countless mini-games in town with friends or adventure together into a vast world and search for lost treasures.


  • Turn off the network before entering the game, or use NetGuard to independently disconnect this game from the network

Toca Life: Town v1.6-play APK + OBB (Paid) Download for Android

SIZE : 120M

GURGE : Education

– 1.6-play – PAID

– 1.5-play – PAID

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