Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android

The games on the market today always bring players certain exciting things, but no less curious. Players will find and experience what is in the game to be able to complete the game’s goal. Sometimes, some games do not provide any instructions, and the player will be the one to find them. If you are a person who loves searching and exploring, wishing to experience new things, you cannot ignore the game Toca Lab: Plants. It is a game that will sometimes give you a headache because of it.

Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android


Toca Lab: Plants gives you completely impressive and bright graphics that anyone will feel comfortable with. It is a room you will have many devices with many different functions. At the same time, players will be able to drag and change positions for a complete view. Also, you will be thoroughly impressed when you first experience the main characters of this game. Those are trees with many different shapes.

Unlike typical plants, they have similar characteristics to humans. You may find it can move on its own or stand still in pots of soil. At the same time, they also give themselves certain expressions when they have effects like avoidance. So, this can be considered as a factor that players will feel completely excited about, and at the same time, there will be many plants appearing in front of your eyes.

Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android


Toca Lab: Plants gives you a variety of characters that you can find. Each character has different characteristics and is inspired by a particular flower in real life. So, the fact that you collect many different characters is the goal of this game. At the same time, there will be a way for you to achieve it for each character but without any explanation of it. So this is something you need to figure out.

Specifically, this is a room where the two sides of the character will be experimental tools. Each tool will have its different functions. Like the waterwheel can help you create many seeds to plant a plant of the same type. Chandeliers can help project an amount of energy into plants to observe some of their reactions. At the same time, you can pair different plants of the same type to create a new product with similarities from two other species.

At the same time, to know the amount you will need to make, you can see a circle above the character at the start of the game. It is a list of the characters that you were able to achieve. The characters that appear in your lab will have a transparent color and shape, and the dark shadows are mysterious characters that you will try to meet them. But you will need to spend a lot of time achieving it.

Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android


Starting over with the character statistics panel, besides being completely visible the characters to achieve in this game, it also gives you a hint. It is similar to a Skill tree in RPG titles. When you upgrade something, you need to achieve the basics of the upgrade. This game also uses this mechanism when you will be able to branch arrows from a particular tree. So that’s also the critical factor you’ll need to pay attention to.

Once you know the primary plants for acquiring new plants, your next job is to use different experiments to achieve these characters. Specifically, there will be some effects: adding water to the end plant or shining a little light on it. With each different effect, you will see the associated response. When you do them to a level and from your character, a seed emerges; that is the result of achieving a new consistency.

From the seed you receive, you will develop a new character and unlock hints for the next character. Simultaneously, when you notice a plant with an impressive appearance, you can create another clone and plant it in pots in a central area. Don’t forget to water it to achieve a certain amount of growth. The job of unlocking this character will be done continuously, and sometimes it is also a challenge that players need to overcome.

Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android


Toca Lab: Plants offers you completely impressive gameplay and requires judgment to collect new characters. Each character in this game has a certain cuteness that anyone will love. At the same time, this is a colorful world that anyone will love as they will desire to collect new characters. It is a long process to achieve, so this will be an entirely suitable game for many people because of its impression


  • Turn off the network before entering the game, or use NetGuard to independently disconnect this game from the network

Toca Lab: Plants v2.0-play APK (Paid) Download for Android

SIZE : 70M

GURGE : Casual

– 2.0-play – Paid

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