Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) – Download for Android

An exciting experience is introduced in Toca Boo when the player is played as a ghost in a house where people live, and you will have specific jobs. Players will try to make their jokes with the characters living in their homes. At the same time, the job also gives you some funny and sometimes breathtaking moments to fulfill your role well. So don’t ignore anything around you.

Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) - Download for Android


Players will find a unique environment in Toca Boo that is a house but rarely has light. You will move between buildings and can affect an element inside this level. Simultaneously, a remarkable thing when you experience this game is that you also see the characters moving inside your house with a flashlight and without turning on any switches in the house. That comes from the gameplay of this game and will sometimes make you feel excited.

The main character of this game is not the family character mentioned above but a ghost designed with a fascinating and funny appearance. His job inside this house is to frighten any character in the house with various elements from the environment and stealth skills. So when you go to any area, you will find some points to take advantage of and wait for the opportunity to scare these characters.

Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) - Download for Android


In the process of playing Toca Boo, you will be able to move the character by simply dragging and dropping the character in any area. When you are in a room, you can interact with the elements within that area. So it will know what it needs to do to scare these characters and create a sequence of elements that frighten them. At the same time, they won’t experience any ill effects after being threatened as they will run away right after.

The environment has some elements similar to some games in the series like Vacation, but there will be some changes, such as the characters can move if they are scared. At the same time, they will rarely touch the environmental factors, and most of the time, you will be the one to do it. The scare strategy can be implemented in a few simple steps: impacting the object, not being hit by their lights, hiding in an area where the ghost boy can hide.

Everything needs to be prepared before the character walks in; when a person walks in, you begin to influence environmental factors such as turning on/off lights, squeezing objects that make noise, and even turning the faucet for running water. You will see the surprise and the slightly scared reaction of these characters, and then when they come to your hiding area, you have to let the ghost boy scare them. Simultaneously, each character will have a different expression that you will take the time to learn.

Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) - Download for Android


When you experience Toca Boo, you will surely realize that this is a home, and there will be a family living there. Each member of this house usually has characteristics and looks that are completely interesting and humorous. At the same time, they will not appear in front of you constantly; you will need to find them and find a way to scare them. Precisely, you will move between rooms and wait for these characters to appear and not to be detected because a character has a lamp.

Each member of the house has a way of using lights and illuminating the area they go to. In other words, if you are sighted, preparing the elements to scare them off will be ineffective; for highly skilled players, they can freely move inside the environment and avoid Dodge the flashlights of other characters. Until they start doing some necessary activities, players will perform their scare phase to see their fear response.

Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) - Download for Android


Your role when acting as a ghost is an active role, and in other words, if you don’t see anyone showing up, then you should be the one to look for them to scare them. Moving between areas is completely simple; each place will have its edit scene, and when you get close, it will light up. At the same time, you will also move to the next area and continue to familiarize yourself with the elements contained therein. Toca Boo’s experience is entirely enriching when the rooms are designed differently.

Each place has its character, like in the bathroom; you can turn on the faucet and make the rubber duck squeal. In the warehouse, you can turn the hanging lights on and off. So you can say you will adapt to the environment and think of ways to take advantage of the elements within each domain. But once you get the hang of it, the next job is to wait for other players to fall into your trap unexpectedly.


Toca Boo v2.0-play APK + OBB (Paid) – Download for Android

SIZE : 177MB

GURGE : Casual

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– 2.0-play – Paid

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