Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Simulation games are always the right genre to bring players useful knowledge in all fields related to real life. However, many games surpass all the world’s laws and apply unique elements to stimulate the player’s experience and even provide endless entertainment. This article will introduce the Tiny Space Program, a space program simulation game, where players manage a platoon of space in the pioneering research of everything outside Earth. Players will experience a genuine and lively sense of management, where everything works logically and receives a lot of new knowledge about space.

Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Tiny Space Program’s subjective content and gameplay are simple and user-friendly, where players need to manage and run their space program on distant planets. The game uses simple point-n-click mechanisms, comes with a vividly designed interface, allowing users to monitor or interact with each space station function easily. The first thing the player needs is to build a space station headquarters, thereby building up a stable supply line and constantly sending out vital items and items to maintain the supply station. The player must also know how to generate revenue from the planets’ environment, such as mining, research, and sending valuable documents back to the parent planet.

Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Most of the Tiny Space Program’s activities are mainly about building and managing space stations for them to prosper. The space building mechanism is simple but rich, with lots of interesting content, and can be upgraded or expanded infinitely. The space station is made up of many different parts, and from there, the player has to build essential structures, create a cycle, and then start building other types of buildings. The game will have many realistic physics elements, so many buildings will become important for the space station to expand or thrive. Players can unlock new buildings by completing quota, including construction, or meeting the parent planet’s needs.

Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


If a player wants to expand or upgrade a space station, they will need many resources and materials to advance. Mining protocols will appear scattered around the player’s space station, thereby running the miners and creating a private transport route. Depending on the region or planet the player is working on, the amount of ore will vary, and players can send them down to the parent planet for additional maintenance costs. Conversely, upgrading architecture or construction will help mines develop more and give players access to new technologies to improve the space station’s quality.

Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Tiny Space Program is an innovative and entertaining game that simulates managing a remote space station and a pioneering human outpost in technology and resources. Through the upgrade system, players can upgrade many of the Earth’s unique technologies, improving the space station’s work efficiency to new heights. Furthermore, players can unlock special technologies and have the opportunity to interact with other civilizations and gain their knowledge. Unlocking, upgrading, and accessing new technologies through space stations are essential, as they both evolve for the space station and evolve the Earth simultaneously.


The world’s tourism industry is strongly developed and can easily be developed into space tourism if conditions permit. However, that is a great source of income for players in the Tiny Space Program, as they are very profitable and can be developed in the long term. Players’ space stations on the planets will be tourist destinations, so they will have to build more tourism buildings. Depending on the space station’s development or design, the level of revenue from tourists differs; The player can perform multiple tours around the planet, thereby amuse people and improving profits.

Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The player’s space station can be expanded or invested from the parent planet, where the player can upgrade astronauts, spaceships, and more. In the future, players will have to go beyond the Solar System, so they will need to research new technologies and apply them to spacecraft, improving their performance. The spacecraft will also help reduce the time it takes to transport supplies or human resources, giving players more options in developing space stations to new heights. The astronaut’s upgraded content will improve the space station’s quality, and players assign jobs or assign zones to each astronaut depending on their abilities.

Tiny Space Program is a lively and impressive space station management simulation game, and players will have endless entertainment in running them. Although the game uses a simple pixel graphics engine, it successfully sketches the environment and universe in real life, making the player’s gameplay experience intense. If you want to experience a space station’s management and develop it yourself, then Tiny Space Program will be a game that you should try once.


Tiny Space Program v1.1.377 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 23M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.1.359 – MOD

– 1.1.377 – Original

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