This War of Mine: Stories v1.5.9 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

This War of Mine: Stories – War is one of the most horrible things people create to satisfy their desires. People use all their military power to be able to take over things that are not yours. With all those struggles, the consequences are severe. Therefore, no one wants that to happen again. So the stories, the writings about the loss of war released also bring powerful reminders.

A brand new storyline based on an audio-drama

This War of Mine: Stories is a new game just released this week with content about the most intense war. But its story does not include soldiers, and weapons and war vehicles. “Father’s Promise” is a father’s journey, protecting his daughter in the post-war era. It is like a survival game but with a deep and gloomy plot and a somewhat mysterious way of playing.


When you participate in “This War of Mine: Stories” you will find yourself in a dark time. Everything around it was heavily damaged, the aftermath of the war. There is no longer anything that can survive after those fighting. But you are living, with a little girl who needs protection. Players will have to endure in this dangerous world, protecting themselves and their daughters.

4 completely new locations

Adam will have to make sure that both of you can continue to live in this terrible time. Also, find a way to get rid of this evil city to go to more peaceful places. In this journey, the circumstances will take place close together. Although there are few battles with fast-paced and intense fighting, the game brings different emotions. There is a story of love, hate, and sacrifice and the feelings we all share in the darkest periods.

Dialogue and clue searching systems

The operation mechanism of the game is also simple when players will be like participating in a simulated world. The first is about the game’s perspective; it will be cross-sections of the scene. Players will observe everything with a broader and more thorough view. Based on that perspective, challenges will be arranged along the discovery path, as well as complexly designed details. Can be briefly described as dialogue and clue searching-systems. With this new play mechanism, several hours of thought-provoking gameplay will be provided.

Besides, players coming to this version will experience four entirely new locations where the stories were written by Polish author, Łukasz Orbitowski is incredibly fantasy. In parallel with the new areas, players will still have feelings for places that have exploded before because up to 5 positions are reconstructed and remastered.


This War of Mine: Stories v1.5.9 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

SIZE : 570MB

GURGE : Adventure



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