The Secret Society MOD APK v1.45.6502 (Unlimited Money)

The game was born to entertain, a light game after a hard working day is a vitally needed set. As a human being, everyone has his or her own hobby of playing games. Many people like to play action games, some like RPGs, some gamers like racing games, others just love puzzle games. In fact, there are many more exciting game genres than that. Typically the game Finding objects, this is a highly entertaining game, suitable for many players of all ages. With relaxing and straightforward gameplay, the game also helps players practice concentration, patience, and keenness. One of the games of the same genre that I would like to recommend to you is The Secret Society. Released by the king of popular games – G5 Entertainment, the competition promises to bring you excitement and thrill if you decide to download the game.


It seems that a simple game like “The Secret Society” will not have a specific plot, but the story will become completely different when you really venture into the game world. In essence, The Secret Society is a mysterious community that has been around for quite some time. Because of their unique ability to hide their real power, they have existed and lived with humans for millennia. People are always developing, and so are they. Their biggest secret card is their ability to move between the magical world and the mundane world freely. And your beloved uncle – Richard, also a senior member of this magic guild has suddenly disappeared. After a long time immersed in the disappointment of your uncle’s disappearance, you realise that there is still a way to clear up. The power you are inheriting from the lineage is blessed through generations. This is also the only source of strength that you can use to find the whereabouts of your uncle. Through the search for artifacts, identifying the clues that appear through the process of exploring, understanding through relationships, players will be able to find the whereabouts of the uncle. Things will not be accessible when a dark force still prevents you from seeing the truth. Please, at all costs, overcome challenging missions and challenges to find the truth. It will not be accessible if you have not started to handle it.


Basically, the play of “The Secret Society” is quite simple and easy to understand. When entering a quest to find clues or evidence, the screen will appear in a scene of a room, a yard or somewhere in the city. At the bottom of the screen will appear the name of the object you are looking for. The maximum time limit for you is 4 minutes to find the entire item. Time will be counted down continuously through a small window located at the top edge of the screen.

Click on the object you have earned, the item’s name will automatically disappear on the counting board. The more you sharpen your eyes and save a lot of time when looking for objects, the higher your score will be. Besides, I will not avoid difficult challenges. A messy room will be a big challenge for novices. The game will give you a number of different help rights, including clairvoyance (showing you where the item is), time deactivation, detonators (applications for objects hidden behind objects) ), … Each help right should only be used when the time is urgent because only a few times are used, players must carefully consider and use it properly. In addition, there are also mini-games that are entertaining to the game like Puzzles, etc.


The Secret Society is equipped with more than 5900 different puzzles in more than 80 locations. Interesting points. Besides, the number of hidden objects is also wealthy, with more than 900 different types of objects. It can be said that this is one of the few games that own a considerable number of items to be searched. Along with a large number of different puzzles, this is exactly a game that you can spend months looking for objects, as well as finding the whereabouts of the uncle. Combined with many exciting and mysterious mini-games puzzles, you will never feel short of the task. And through the update process, the game will still be added with many features and tasks, promising to bring a real entertainment experience for office players as well as many young people today.


The background is a specific part of the game “The Secret Society” because the game is very well done in terms of visuals. Because it is not an exciting action game, the game does not need much animation or eye-catching effects. The game still captures the sympathy of the gamers through realistic and sharp scenery. Besides, colours and details in the game are also shown quite honestly, clearly and brilliantly. In general, the game has nothing to blame. With the aim of satisfying the everyday entertainment needs of people, “The Secret Society” has done an excellent job in attracting players with features and images.


  •  Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

The Secret Society MOD APK v1.45.6502 (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 105M

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.45.6502 – MOD

– 1.45.6501 – MOD

– 1.45.6502 – Original

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