The Room Two v1.10 APK + OBB (MOD, Full/Paid) Download for Android

The Room is a popular point and click puzzle game series, it has four separate games, with the storyline continuing and always giving players surprises. And today, I will introduce to you the second game of the series, The Room Two with gameplay and storyline built on its previous game. In this game, the story revolving around an element called “The Null” with many secrets that it is hiding. The game will also give players a gothic atmosphere combined with steampunk, creating a complex atmosphere for players to enjoy and admire all the quintessence it brings to the player.

The Room Two v1.10 APK + OBB (MOD, Full/Paid) Download for Android


The The Room series are all puzzle games, and it gives players a new, accessible, but very difficult to give up feeling after the first play. The game was developed in the form of puzzle objects, where players have to combine all their puzzle skills just to unlock an object. All objects are built with authentic 3D graphics, making their surfaces realistic, enticing players to explore and solve it. The number of puzzles in a game can reach more than one hundred, as they are also related to challenging the creativity of the player during puzzle solving. The game also causes players to examine a secret object, then explore the surface, then gradually come inside. The more enthusiastic the player is solving the puzzle, the more new things will unlock, surprising the player, and at the same time, stimulating their desire for puzzles solving.


Common puzzle games often have a flaw, which is the realism level of objects and an unrealistic environment. But for “The Room Two,” such things do not exist, as players will experience the most realistic environment thanks to its advanced 3D graphics engine. Everything is built meticulously and subtly, even bringing a new tactile experience, making it possible for players to feel the surface of objects. The game was not only successful thanks to the graphics, but also thanks to the creepy sound, mixed with horror and curiosity, making players more involved with the game. Besides those things, the game will bring players more surprises and the latest, such as a physical mechanism that makes every object more realistic than ever.

The Room Two v1.10 APK + OBB (MOD, Full/Paid) Download for Android


The Room Two is rated as one of the best puzzle games thanks to extra elements such as finding keys, objects, and many other things in the environment. The unique thing is that even if players find essential items, they still need to unlock them to retrieve the secret encapsulated inside. Players will have to use actions like swipe, tap, spin, twist, pinch, and even solve math problems. Everything that players often see on antique puzzles around the world will be reproduced in the game. Because of that, the game playtime will last longer and entice players into this world with the desire to unveil everything.


The Room Two will have a story that follows the previous game, but the difference is that instead of players turning around an object, this time they can explore new places. It can be said that each of these locations is a new challenge, and they are built with a realistic 3D environment, creating an authentic feeling for players. The variety of locations will bring players to a whole new world, dotted with illusion and reality, causing the player to be confused but excited at the same time. The game will also focus on building each location with as many puzzles as possible, as well as adding more artifacts for players to collect and unlock their secrets.

The Room Two v1.10 APK + OBB (MOD, Full/Paid) Download for Android


In all games in the The Room, series, the player will be equipped with a special accessory that has the biggest role in the entire puzzle process. These are called magic glass lenses, helping players see what the naked eye cannot see. There are even many puzzles built into an illusionary world, and only when the player uses this lens can they solve them. Throughout the game, the constant use of lenses will help players progress with the game when there are countless things carefully hidden and surprise players whenever they look through the lenses.

The Room Two has gameplay and graphics similar to its predecessor, a game that lets players explore the environment and objects. However, the most significant difference from the previous game is the new locations, more diverse puzzles, and more secrets added to entertain players. It can be said that this game is one of the best puzzle games ever when it has a realistic environment, objects, and countless difficult puzzles that take time to complete.


The Room Two v1.10 APK + OBB (MOD, Full/Paid) Download for Android

SIZE : 300M

GURGE : Puzzle

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– 1.10 – PAID

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