The Muscle Hustle v1.36.3449 MOD APK (Dumb Enemy/One Hit)

The Muscle Hustle is a game that allows players to enjoy epic and engaging wrestling matches uniquely. Players will build their tag team and participate in fierce and fierce battles.

The gameplay of the game is designed with a simple vertical screen style so players can enjoy the game at the fullest with just one finger. The gameplay is pool-like, so the control mechanism is simple and requires players with excellent tactical skills to win. The arena allows players to use multiple characters at once, and that allows players to have more choices in team tactics. The task of the player is to defeat the opponent and to do that. The player must defeat all the wrestling of the opponent. The game will come with loads of other attractive features for players to enjoy, and even it will have a wonderful storyline that always keeps players exploring it.

Because of pool-like gameplay, the control is simple, and players only need to drag, aim, and release to launch powerful attacks on the opponent. But players can not arbitrarily attack the opponent; they must follow a certain strategy depend on the wrestler. If the strategy is successful, the player can cause a large amount of damage to the enemy and end the game faster. During the match, the player can use some special skills from the wrestler in the squad. Special skills will be very diverse and rich when the number of wrestlers that players can collect is countless.

Wrestlers are divided into different classes based on their attributes, and they all have a unique personality that makes the interaction between the player and the character more interesting. Based on the attribute of wrestlers, players will build many different ways of fighting suitable for them. That will make the player’s tactical choices more diverse. Players can upgrade the wrestler or promote them, which will make them become stronger and can accompany players in fierce battles.

This game will have a dramatic story with countless challenges for players to experience. Each challenge will always have a generous reward for players to add to the strength of the squad. Even this game allows all players to connect and form a team and start competing. If you are looking for a game to entertain in your free time, this game will be a great choice for you.


1. Enemy dosn’t attack
2. 1 Hit Kill

The Muscle Hustle v1.36.3449 MOD APK (Dumb Enemy/One Hit)

SIZE : 110M

GURGE : Sports

– 1.36.3449 – MOD

– 1.35.2889 – MOD

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