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The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB – Download for Android

The Fifth ARK is an online action game that many players have well received in recent times. If you are a player who loves action tactical RPG, do not miss this excellent shooting action game. In this world, the player is engaged in a battle against a terrifying horde of zombies. Designed with Borderland graphics with attractive shooting levels, the game has been a great success after the release of this game. Not only that, but players can also kill zombies but also build a base for themselves.

The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB - Download for Android


This shooter-action role-playing game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where an army of zombies is wreaking havoc on that land. When playing action games, players must play heroic characters to destroy the world of zombies to protect world peace. The Fifth ARK has built a compelling setting about a zombie outbreak decimating the globe and wiping out most civilizations. The destruction was so intense that some people had to die, and the rest went forward to protect their lives and rebuild a civilized society.

The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB - Download for Android


During the action gameplay, players experience becoming a commander of a powerful force of heroes. Playing the role of a commander, you have significant responsibilities in the process of fighting with a giant zombie army. The primary responsibility in The Fifth ARK is that the player must bring true peace to the city that the zombies killed, and at the same time, discover many truths that happened before.

Players will begin to lead their army on the way to destroy and use powerful weapons to defeat them quickly. The zombie army has great destructive power, and they are like hungry ghosts specializing in sucking human blood, so as a captain, players should protect their forces.

The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB - Download for Android


In addition to using weapons to challenge the zombies, players can also customize some costumes and upgrade themselves with many new weapons to complete many rescue missions for the world. In The Fifth ARK, players will have to recruit heroes in their army by giving them many valuable rewards and don’t forget to recruit more new heroes to shorten the time to sweep enemies. In this world, players can play against and fight zombie armies with multiplayer Dominion or Deathmatch modes.


Zombies are always substantial objects, and they always cling to humans to eat meat. Their comrades will be spread out continuously over a large area, making it impossible to kill them with conventional weapons. To destroy them all, unity is the only strength for us to eliminate the enemy quickly. Besides, use powerful shooting ARK weapons to shoot them in the head continuously. This method will promptly defeat them without spending too much energy.

The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB - Download for Android


After successfully destroying the army of persistent zombies, The Fifth ARK will allow you to proceed to build a solid base to regenerate life for the human world. Players will use resources to unlock more different decorations and upgrade many skills in the process of commanding their army.


The Fifth ARK v1.0(4235) APK + OBB – Download for Android

SIZE : 90M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 1.0 – Original

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