Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download

Tennis GO: World Tour 3D is an entertaining arcade game to provide players with the best tennis simulation experience. The tennis sport has existed for a long time, always giving viewers spectacular and wonderful matches and even arousing endless sources of passion for athletes. Tennis GO uses simple, player-friendly 3D graphics and has loads of things for players to explore and experience with friends. Even its gameplay is simple, and it only takes a few simple moves combined with your reflexes to win the matches. The game also emphasizes the entertainment factor, continuously providing players with many compelling activities and generous rewards.

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download


The gameplay of Tennis GO is simple and friendly, leading to the control mechanism is designed humorously and always gives players the best experience. Instead of the horizontal control mechanism, players can enjoy Tennis GO with just one hand through vertical mode. The movement and swing mechanism can mostly be manipulated with just one finger but requires the skill of timing appropriately and accurately. The characters will appear gauge levels around them, determining the required force and attack angle to score easily. Thus, Tennis GO deserves to be one of the best sports simulation games thanks to the controls, gameplay, and more.

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download


Tennis GO is proud to be a favorite game for tennis fans, as it has simple gameplay, friendly controls, multiple game modes, and full of amusement. The game’s graphics are also a highlight, as it makes the environment more authentic, and the character animations come alive on every frame. Moreover, the gameplay mainly focuses on reimagining tennis matches but being humorized to makes it more player-friendly. There is even a massive rewards system to entice players to continuously participate in the game’s relaxing and entertaining tennis matches.

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download

If you love the sport of tennis or want to experience it, then Tennis GO: World Tour 3D will be a good start for you. It features various gameplay, user-friendly controls, loads of activities and events, and finally, the vivid 3D graphics that make every match as impressive as possible. Even players can create custom games and invite friends to do friendly matches, challenging their reflexes and judgment skills with everyone.


The character diversity is an advantage of the game, as it gives players countless funny, friendly, and special characters to make the game vibrant. The characters also come with special features, which make them classified into many different ranks. The costume factors will also be mentioned, with event costumes for players to collect or costumes that give the player many outstanding features. The game will still ensure balance for the match and even have many limits with character options.

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download


Tennis players must always have the best equipment to optimize their skills in every match, customize their racquets, and make them a trusted and reliable friend. Tennis GO will feature equipment, allowing players to change an athlete’s basic items and even customize them for better performance. Parts can be obtained through loot boxes, and their level will be randomized according to the player’s loot box type. Of course, the equipment can also be upgraded, unlock special features, and help players have the most effective match.


Tennis stadiums will greatly contribute to players’ performance, as they are delicately designed, eye-catching, and give them a refreshing experience. The impressive thing is that the stadiums will also create many impressive effects every time a player successfully scores or ends the match to make the game more fascinating. In the future, the game will update more new stadiums, with special settings and attractive colors for players to having the best state.

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download


Tournaments are always hot topics that all athletes want to join and make a name for themselves; any sport will always have international tournaments for worldwide players. That’s no exception to Tennis GO, as it introduces various tournaments and rewards, even creating opportunities for players to play against each other in real-time 1v1 matches. Not an only tournament, but the game will also introduce many exciting activities, such as daily challenges and iconic events with diverse and rich rewards.


No Ads (You can also take advantage of them to receive rewards).

Tennis Go v0.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (AD Remove/Free Rewards) Download

SIZE : 232M

GURGE : Sports

apk installer
– 0.16.0 – MOD

– 0.18.2 – Original

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