Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)

Correspondence is one of the communication methods used a lot, both in the past and present, to connect people with people. Historically there have been many different forms of mail, such as using people to carry news from one place to another or using birds to deliver mail. But that’s when people still use handwritten letters to be able to use those forms. As technology developed, many new forms were introduced, and in which email was released, changing people’s habits.

Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)

There is no need to wait this long for the message to reach the recipient; it only takes a few seconds for everything to be done. Besides famous applications such as Google Gmail, there are many other email applications for users to use. One of the newly launched and highly appreciated applications is T Mail – Temporary Email. This app has a lot of highlights and differs from similar apps, which has made it popular among many people. The features that the application has, the user will not be found in other applications you use.


Unlike previous predecessors, to use this application, users do not need an account to log into the application. In many other applications, users are forced to register for an account to be able to use the applications related to it. But not for the app, an account is not required to use this app. The application will actively provide accounts for users to use for communicating with others. Once you’ve downloaded the app, start the app, write a letter, enter the recipient’s address, and hit send, and it’s done. The recipient will receive the letter in a blink of an eye, and with just a few taps, you’re done.

Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)

Temporary account

As mentioned earlier, the app will not force the user to create an account to use the app. The application is called “T Mail – Temporary Email,” so it will provide temporary accounts for users to use. When downloading an application, there is already a mail address in the application waiting to be used. Using this brief account can bring benefits and disadvantages, but overall it still has more positive factors. The first is security; when using a temporary account, it can easily be replaced, so it is almost useless if it is stolen. Hackers also cannot use this email address to track users’ traces. The second is convenient; users can use multiple email addresses to communicate with many people at the same time.

Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)

Supports multiple accounts

The app not only provides one email account, but it also provides up to 5 accounts together to use for multiple chats. Users can change them regularly to use them flexibly while chatting. Although there are many accounts, changing between them is relatively easy; just select and press agree, the application will automatically change. No need to log out; use your account and password to log in again, click agree.

Easy management

Although there are many accounts in the same application, this application is not difficult to manage when all are included in the same interface. When the user uses this account, the messages sent and received by this account will appear for you to read. When using another account, the mailbox will change to the emails of another account for easy management. All are in the same single interface and change the account; everything is visible. So there will not be any mistakes in the application; users can be assured entirely with the management of the application.

Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)

Eliminate spam

One of the unique features of this application is to remove spam from the application to avoid annoying reading mail. When using Gmail, that account can also be used to link a lot of things, and that is the source of the spam emails sent to the user’s account. Although there are measures for screening, things have not been showing satisfactory results. However, because this application is only temporary accounts, it cannot be linked to anything else, and no spam mail will be sent.


1. Unlocked some Premium features
2. Disabled ads
3. Disabled metrics

Some premium features are locked because they are locked on the server.

Temp Mail v2.98 APK + MOD (AdFree)


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