Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

Tasty Town (MOD, Money/Quick Cooking) is worth a try if you are a lover of the cooking genre and create a large chain of restaurants yourself.

Do you love to cook? The attractive and delicate cuisine always evokes your passion for non-stop eating. When you go out to restaurants, hotels, look sophisticated delicacies always make you admire for its beauty and become passionate about making their own unique dishes. You do not have much time and effort to do even though you have endless spirit and inspiration with food. Secrets right here, Tasty Town. Let’s find out what’s special about it!

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

Tasty Town is a fun and enjoyable playground for everyone. You happy, I am happy, we are happy. Coming to Tasty Town, you can do a lot of work yourself as a senior in the restaurant. Only with Fresh, Farm and Food are the full range of activities for your restaurant and bring the unique flavors of the world to the town.

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

Build a restaurant of your own ideas. Renovate the store, choose to buy furniture in line with the trend is both modern and traditional. Reposition the chair, buy the piano and hire an artist. Adding bonsai, landscaping, and lamps to create a warm and elegant atmosphere, the melodious sound of the piano along with the artist’s seductive voice also contributes to attracting and retaining customers. With a team of skilled chefs full of skill and seniority in the profession. In addition to that, the staff of the service level offers the choice that best suits the taste of each customer. You can meet all your requirements from traditional Asian food to pasta, famous pasta or simply Udon noodles in Japan… all possible. Be made, and make sure the guests are very satisfied with the restaurant.

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

A delicious dish made from the freshest and cleanest ingredients. Retaining old customers and attracting new customers is always the desire of famous restaurants, which not only help popularize the characteristics of the restaurant but also show the competitiveness in the market. paralysis No one would want to eat at the restaurant where rancid food or raw materials contain more pesticides. Therefore, it is very necessary to plant vegetables and fruits for the restaurant.

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

Simple game design. Outdoor restaurant model helps the player manage the operation of the restaurant. However, the dishes and ingredients are described in detail and very real, showing the meticulousness of the food lovers and always want to share with everyone. Play as many places as the restaurant works, the kitchen to watch the chefs cook, a green farm to grow ingredients such as carrots, beans, celery … very airy. Dried and brought the fresh taste of nature. Connect with friends who join the game with you to share experiences and create new successes for your restaurant.

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

Become the world’s top restaurant owner with the service and food always attach importance to all the customer’s contribution and constantly expand to develop more. Come to Tasty Town Mod, where you can be creative and enjoy your favorite food. Tasty Town is a free entertainment game but there are some products in the application you want. have to buy with real money. So pay attention.

MOD Info?


  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Unlimited Coins

Note: Money does not decrease when you spend (sometimes you will see it decrease but will return soon)



  • Fast growing plants;
  • Quick cooking of dishes (do not add more than one to the queue! In case of problems – install the original from the site without deleting anything, take ready meals, then install the mod again).


  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins

Cre: Cheatbyte

Tasty Town MOD APK v1.17.30 (Money/Currencies)

SIZE : 90M

GURGE : Casual, Simulation

– 1.17.30 – MOD V1

– 1.17.20 – MOD V2

– 1.17.30 – Original

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