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Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)

The world of comics and novels is endless and constantly evolving to provide people with impressive content. The reason people love them is entertainment and creativity, where readers can explore new worlds or novel elements that can only happen in fantasy worlds. Besides, they are convenient and flexible, and users can read their favorite content anytime, anywhere with ease. This article will introduce Tapas, an app that includes both manga and novels, perfect for those who love reading stories or novels.

Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping) Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)


Tapas is a huge library of manga and novels, so it will have a refined and professionally designed interface, quickly bringing users all the content in the world. Furthermore, the interface layout will categorize the contents neatly, in turn, popular, ranking, and newest. Users can interact with the interface through simple gestures, such as accessing the interface or customizing it. The variety and user-friendliness of the application can be freely customized and allows users to find the best user experience that suits them. Besides, the interface can be personalized easily, comes with many attractive options for users to explore.


Manga is a Japanese-style comic, and they are strongly loved around the world for their creativity. Furthermore, manga can easily give the reader intense emotions and special meanings in life, or mostly for entertainment purposes. The application will have a dedicated library of manga, accompanied by lively interaction for users to find new manga easily. Users can use the app’s smart filter to find content more easily, such as the author’s name, genre, style, etc. The app will constantly update new manga content, and users can bookmark them to make them easier to follow in the future.

Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping) Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)


Besides the manga, Tapas will introduce the whole novel section, where the manga’s exclusive content or manuscripts are constantly being updated. The novel’s appeal is different from the manga, where it focuses on using emotional lines to stimulate the reader’s imagination, and they have to envision everything for themselves. Furthermore, many of the novels will contain future manga repertoire, and they are regularly updated to entertain users. Novels are also popular as they are flexible and compact and even come with an automatic bookmarking system to record the user’s reading progress. Compared to manga, the visual element will become less, but will still appear a little to stimulate the user’s creativity.


Tapas has a flexible and lightweight reading interface that allows users to enjoy their favorite manga and novels anytime, anywhere. The application’s reading interface is designed to fine-tune, and unique comes with the ability to hide/show for a better user experience. Besides, the interface’s interaction is perfect, allowing users to customize or change content with just simple gestures easily. The most impressive thing about Tapas is that the two interface manga and novel, each with its design and functionality characteristics, giving users the best experience with manga or novels.

Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping) Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)


Tapas aims to connect all our readers worldwide together through manga or novels and comes with a special area for users to interact with people through comments. Through that, users can drop their thoughts about quotes or chapters along with emotes and images. The comments section will appear everywhere, like in each chapter or on the preview page, and even with a rating system for each content. Besides the comment area, the Tapas news page is full of accuracy and continuously brings users useful news about future activities.


Tapas is a strong community and also a place where readers interact through stories or manga. Because of that, each user has the opportunity to share their stories or manga. Simultaneously, receive reviews from other users and continually improve yourself to bring people interesting stories. What’s impressive is that creators will all be supported with special links, where they can receive generous support from the app and readers to stay current and active force to compose new stories.

Tapas’s manga and the novel world is almost endless and is constantly updating new content to entertain users. Moreover, users can interact with people or express their opinions with everything, building a strong community of readers with the world. If you regularly search for interesting content to relax anytime, Tapas will be a suitable choice; even the application will support an offline reading feature.


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Tapas – Comics and Novels v5.10.5 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)

SIZE : 28M

GURGE : Books & Reference

– 5.10.2 – MOD

– 5.10.5 – Original

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