Tap Tap Dig v2.1.0 (MOD Money) APK

In the last years of the nineteenth century, the United States raced up the gold rush. Hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the gold mines, leaving their health and lives to hope for gold. Many thanks to gold diggers that become millionaires, or there are also people who lost their lives because of it. But, the desire for human enrichment is infinite. Over the years, they were no longer risking their health in the mines that they satisfied their greed on the game. There are a number of related games such as Diggerman (Digital Melody), and most recently the Tap Tap Dig – Idle Clicker Game of the publisher Iron Horse Games LLC. The game is not like the game before gold digging a little. Because if there is no innovation, the player will start to become bored with the genre.

Tap Tap Dig v2.1.0 (MOD Money) APK

Iron Horse Games LLC is famous for its simulation games, so this latest game is no exception. It is not merely a gold digger but also a much more prominent aspiration: dig to the heart of the earth. Will the main character do how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task? Who will help him accompany this crazy idea? Let me know a bit about the game for more information.

Digging gold idle style

Maybe if you think you have a lot of free time and are fed up with overly complicated RPGs, then come to the game. Just tap on the screen, and everything seems to be resolved. But the game has many small details that you care more than you imagine. Summons mining helpers collect coins, diamonds, and more! Once you have a lot of money, upgrade it all so that you can dig deeper. Unlock a pirate helper, construction slim,e, and a miniature black hole, … to make your progress faster than before. When you want to use the ultimate, collecting fossils and triggering Big Bang to boost your digging power even further!

Tap Tap Dig v2.1.0 (MOD Money) APK

3D cute graphics

The main character of the game reminds me of the legendary old man who appeared on my PC during his childhood in Gold Miner. But in Tap Tap Dig we have become more dick and older. Moreover, this time he no longer desires the gold in the earth that want to perforate the earth. More former assistants have a lot of characters designed with all kinds of looks and personalities, from the scientist who wears big glasses to the dwarf brawler just short. Besides, the game accurately represents each geological layer of the Earth that players dig down. They will see the beautiful beauty hidden deep underground when the help and the old man exploit.

Tap Tap Dig v2.1.0 (MOD Money) APK

Everything has to change to suit the times and Tap Tap Dig MOD does not escape that rule. With 3D graphics and new but straightforward gameplay will keep players playing the game for a long time.


The golden playground has become old, and it only has a chance to come back if a game company invests and produces a retro game or visible change to make it more fresh for the gaming community. Never mind. But there is another direction that is based only on the storyline and creates a completely different gameplay, more focus, more macro goals. Players will be playing an old man, along with full supporters and tools, who will dig deep into the ground until they reach the centre of the earth to stop. On that journey, you collect gold and other treasures to upgrade your team.


1. increase diamonds
2. increase Fossils
4. Skill are instant max level after unlock
5. Skill duration over 4 minutes
6. No Skill CD
7. Skills are stackable / multi activation possible
11. Helper lvl up cost(1) gives 100 lvl

Tap Tap Dig v2.1.0 (MOD Money) APK


GURGE : Simulation

– 2.1.0 – MOD

– 2.0.9 – MOD

– 2.0.8 – MOD

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