Tap Tap Builder MOD APK v5.0.4 (Free Shopping)

Tap Tap Builder – Lego is a world simulation game that is a lot of kids love to prefer. With arbitrary pieces, the kids can freely make a dream city that they often imagine. In fact, the current era Lego still has a strong vitality in the minds of many people. But some were replaced by video games. There are, however, brilliant producers when they capture the player’s idea and incorporate lego into many different game styles. Imagine if you now play city building on intelligent devices with Lego graphics? Perhaps the feeling of being held in hand is better, but playing with smart devices is also quite interesting. If you want to try, Tap Tap Builder is a game product that suits your taste. It is a pretty trusted name with over a million downloads. Moreover, its publisher has many favorite city building simulation products.

Charming city-builder

Players who come to this game will be allowed to freely build the dream city they want. First, everything is still untouched, so the player must be persistent and smart in using the money — the silver. Later when you get rich, skyscrapers and supermarkets or business centers, and other buildings will make your city one of the most modern places in the world.

This game has a feature that many players will probably love, as well as that trait that will feel like playing Lego. There is no need to spend too much time waiting for a building to be completed. Instead, you use the tap to tap the screen continuously; it will speed up the process of building that building. This makes the game more strange than the same category options that have to wait a very long time to build a giant building. For example, the games I used to play to build a town hall took more than 5 hours so that the workers could complete it.

Fires, crime, unemployment – deal with everything, you’re the boss!

Tap Tap Builder is just like the city management products of the same genre, if it doesn’t play anymore, it will continue to grow. Moreover, in this game read the real-time in your device and adjust the time in the game so that when you are online, it corresponds to the real time. Therefore, the city will have extremely beautiful nights.

When your city is built bigger and more modern, people from all over will flock and reside there. Your mission is to make the residents of the city feel happy. The fun level of these people determines the amount of money you will receive. Besides, cities that have densely populated populations will inevitably produce problems that a person with a lot of mayors will have to deal with. Civil matters such as theft, house fires, quarrels, … all need a flexible and stable operating system to solve them all. Make lots of investments; You can even build a dream city by including blackjack and spaceport.


Tap Tap Builder MOD APK v5.0.4 (Free Shopping)

SIZE : 60M

GURGE : Simulation

– 5.0.4 – MOD

– 5.0.3 – MOD

– 5.0.4 – Original

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