Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)

If you love suspects love games like werewolf games, or love being a detective and investigating murder cases, then Suspects: Mystery Mansion is the best choice. The game gives you the fun experience of transforming into a detective and is tasked with investigating a murder case at a house where everyone can be a suspect. You must use your mind and reasoning to find the killer and avoid harming the innocent.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)


Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a healthy puzzle action game. As the choice of many people looking for entertainment as well as entertainment moments with friends and relatives, the game is also for everyone with all types of personalities, you can show your forte in this game, and it will become your strength to help you and all other team characters win. You are an animator, you are reasoning, or you like to lead people, maybe you are a quiet person who likes to listen, and maybe someone with an incredible IQ and logical thinking. What kind of person you can be is an essential piece of the game and carries in you the important task of finding the killer in the case and kicking it out of the mansion. You can choose to trust or doubt each other, but remember, in this case, anyone could be a suspect.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)


The game with a 9-player multiplayer mode will increase the game’s attractiveness, which is the perfect choice for you to experience with friends or relatives. When we doubt each other and endlessly fiercely debates, very clever speculations, or unnecessary mistakes, it all becomes interesting if we have a happy spirit in the end regardless of how the result is. And we are all playing with the motto, win without arrogance, lose, not discouraged. After investigation and suspicion, you will have to make your choice by voting who will be out of the mansion, be it someone you know or a person with your judgment. Other players just need you to suspect them. But be careful too, because taking out an innocent person increases the chances that the killer will win since their mission here is to kill or be killed.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)


Suspects: Mystery Mansion is currently available on Android and iOS platforms, making it possible for users to play anywhere, just online. The game is available in English in 15 languages ​​with different versions so you can interact with all players around the world. The game will be even more enjoyable when you can interact with many other people. Beautiful cartoon graphics, meticulous detail, and adorable cartoon animal characters will not make you take your eyes off the screen with these adorable horror pictures. Fun and relaxing sounds. You can choose to play with anyone anywhere; you can turn on the voice bar and start discussing with the player about this evil hunt.


Although there is a little cost to buy the game, it is really very cheap to have a great experience like Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Doubting each other is a great game when you are vague about everything and unsure who the sole target is. Everything is based on your senses, people’s arguments, and your deduction. With that said, it must be repeated that the game’s appeal is the interaction between the players and the enjoyment of the investigation process.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)

This game is continuously developing the game’s features, interface, and mission, in order to bring you the most enjoyable experience. It is particularly highly appreciated on game forums for its attractiveness, ease of play, beautiful graphics, nutritional content for children aged seven and up. The game is rated 4.6 stars on a 5-star scale can also understand how attractive and attractive this game is.

Are you ready to be a detective? Suspicious rooms, suspicious marks, suspicious words, everything is suspicious, and you must quickly find the killer to win. Otherwise, they will win, and all others invite even you to be murdered by them. Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy this exciting game right away, and it will definitely be a fierce and fun battle together. Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion and finds the killer among us all.


Player Menu

  • Show Imp // New (Name , Alive? , Current Room , Killer?) // Remember It Predicts 90% Accurate
  • Max Lights
  • Spam Elevator (Will Make Go Up And Down Constantly) // New
  • Reset Show Impostor (Do This After Every Meeting)
  • Complete Task (Will Do Your Tasks For You) // New
  • Call Meeting // From Anywhere (If Available) // New

ESP Menu

  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Lines
  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Boxes
  • ESP Real Account Names // New

Fun Menu

  • Pick Player
  • Player Size
  • Zoom Out // New

Modded by Axey

Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.13.0 MOD APK (MENU/Show Killer)

SIZE : 140M

GURGE : Action

– 1.13.0 – MOD V2

– 1.11.2 – MOD V1

– 1.12.3 – Original

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