Supermarket Tycoon (MOD money) v1.62 APK download for Android

When we were little, we always had a lot of dreams. Someone who wants to be a singer, a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut or a CEO who manages a big company. But as babies become more understanding and dreams come true, aspirations to become managers and businessmen make a lot of money and bring more shopping fun and become clearer. However, not everyone can make dreams come true. However, with the release of Happy Moblie Game, you will never be bothered when you can not fulfill your dream. You want to be a doctor, maybe! You want to be a chef, maybe! Want to be a pilot, a truck driver, a bus, or even a pirate, can also! And if you want to become a talented manager, it is also possible to come to the Supermarket Tycoon game from this publisher. Now let’s explore this exciting game offline!


Supermarket Tycoon’s story is about a little girl named Kristy. She had to help her uncle Bob as a family supermarket chain manager, making it the best supermarket in town. This is a difficult job and Kristy will not be able to finish it without your help. So join the game and help Kristy fulfill the criteria and step by step development of convenience stores and supermarkets of the family right now.

How to play

By participating in the game, you will start at level 1. At this level, it seems that everything is very simple and easy, in order to make you familiar with the work in the supermarket. There are empty shelves that you usually need to replenish items and one day there will be a certain traffic flow to the supermarket. Your task is to quickly arrange the product on the shelf so customers can shop without spending too much time waiting, charging at the counter and cleaning up the store. Will, throwing garbage after each visit. If you complete the target within the specified time and your customers are satisfied, you will earn a large amount of money and level up to open up a bigger supermarket chain and richer items. Increasingly high, work becomes more and more difficult than before

The stalls need to be upgraded so that they can accommodate as many items as the counter must be equipped more and more advanced to be able to meet more and more customers in the supermarket. Because if your customers are unhappy and angry, you will not be able to earn enough money for a very short period of time, and your task will be over. Each time you complete your task, it is your job to clean and clean the supermarket, to throw away the garbage to ensure cleanliness, and you will receive a small reward for your hard work.

What can you sell in your supermarket? Green vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, corn, watermelon, banana, … to the loaves of hot bread, cream cakes, delicious pudding; Beef, pork, fish, fresh … all can be displayed on the shelves for customers to choose freely.

The money you earn can be used to upgrade stalls, freezers and even buy an air conditioner to soothe angered customers when it’s not the turn by freezing the time bar. Buy a television so customers watch the time to increase the waiting time of customers when standing in front of the cashier. You can also buy a CCTV set in the supermarket to avoid sudden theft. Interestingly, right? Also, each day you can also receive a free gift, which will be of great help to you if you want to accomplish the task well and level up faster than that!


The game design style is very cute cartoon style, large space, and reasonable design. Bright and easy-going colors will give you the best possible experience. Sounds cheerful and rhythmic to stir up the atmosphere and encourage your spirit so that you can accomplish excellently the increasingly difficult tasks of the game.

Sum up

An entertaining management game, which requires players to be nimble in both thinking and manipulation. This is a great choice for kids who are interested in business and who are interested in games management, sales and make money. It is not easy to become the best supermarket in the city, so if you are confident, hurry to help Kristy and become the best supermarket manager!


  • Hire a cashier at level level to choose (5 diamonds) to get 1,000 diamonds, upgrade all items and use them instead of decreasing! (The gold coin for upgrading the air conditioner has been changed to 1700 which can be used to increase it)!

Supermarket Tycoon (MOD money) v1.62 APK download for Android

SIZE : 40M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.61 – MOD

– 1.59 – MOD

– 1.62 – Original

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