Stick Z Bow MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

ONESOFT is a mobile game development company geared to all players around the world. They offer quite a lot of content: action, casual, and arcade. In particular, some games have contributed greatly to their success as today: Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, Kawaii Home Design, Strike Force, Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and a game Other players promise to be more popular: Stick Z Bow. Perhaps, in your free time, you should look for light games to entertain still better. Stick Z Bow is a good choice to replace loud and violent shooting games. Moreover, it was built with an interesting script, revolving around the characters of the famous Dragon Ball Z comic. Let’s explore together!


Universe 7 (Earth) is the place where Son Goku and his friends are on their journey to find dragon balls. They accidentally came to a strange land and did not know the dangers lurking around, until they discovered there were many strange creatures capable of changing shapes and posing as people friend. They were led to a labyrinth and separated by the magic of these strangers. Now, each of them must find a way to escape the labyrinth, and at the same time feel the subtle people who meet on the way are true friends or not.


Stick Z Bow’s gameplay is also quite simple, as the player will become an archer and control his character to explore the maze to find a way out. Along the way, players will meet many of their friend’s fake guys and need to destroy them. With the sliding action on the screen, the character will make the move left, right or jump on the steps. To shoot the arrows, the player also needs to slide up the screen and drag in different directions to shoot. However, in order to shoot targets far away, it is necessary to slide longer to increase firing force, and in closer distances, it requires a sufficient amount of force to hit the target. The enemies will also retaliate by shooting poisoned arrows, so the player must have the ability to accurately aim, and at the same time have a fast firing speed to prevent the enemy from taking a chance to counterattack.

Overall, being able to pass the level or not is largely dependent on skill. Keep practicing to improve your aiming skills, because at higher levels the enemy will be smarter and very crowded. A small tip for you to know that, if you attack at the head of the translator, they will die with only one arrow. Therefore, if the attack speed is not high, then aim at their head to destroy faster.

Collection of characters

Are you a fan of Son Goku? or the god of death Beerus Sama of universe 7? Stick Z Bow will allow you to role-play these characters with a collection of more than 30 unique characters. In the Shop feature, select the “Hero” category and here you can find: Son Goku, Beerus Sama, Android 17, Android 18, Vegeta, Satan, Radditz, Nappa, Bardock, Evil Buu, and friends other. Each of them has also designed the attribute system: Attack Powers, Defense Powers, and Health Point. Initially, the attributes of this attribute may be different, but players can also perform maximum upgrades to level 10 so they can make the most of their abilities in battles.


In this game, the bow is the only weapon that can be used and the system also has a unique bow collection for players to experience. They are designed with eye-catching shapes and are made of different materials, be it metal, rhinestones or diamonds. Therefore, their strength and abilities are also different. Some types can fire arrows, others can fire 3 arrows at the same time, some can shoot poisoned arrows and cause enemies to lose blood until they die. However, they are not available and players need to use the money to buy or watch some ads to unlock.

Special skill

Besides having good fighting skills, it is sometimes difficult to pass a level. The reason is that because the player has to fight a lot of enemies, the health score is almost exhausted, or the boss’s defense ability is higher so he cannot defeat him. At that time, take advantage of special skills at the bottom of the screen, including recovering health points, increasing damage 3 times for weapons, increasing defensive stats, and x3 arrows. Of course, these skills are only temporary and they will disappear after a while. However, in urgent situations, their support becomes very meaningful.


Stick Z Bow MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)


GURGE : Arcade

– 1.5.8 – MOD

– 1.6.0 – Original

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