Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)

Stardew Valley (MOD, Unlimited Money/Mega) is the last stop for players to experience the eternal enjoyable countryside life through its tranquility and potential gameplay.

Specifically, Stardew Valley is a hit RGP role-playing game with many versions adapted. If you are too bored with the urban lifestyle and want to return to experience the people’s lives in the countryside, this game will definitely suit you. With version 1.4, the game updates completely new plot details with multiplayer mode.

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)


The game is inspired by the Harvest Moon video game series that was released not long ago. You will have to transform into a character looking for something new by returning to the land in the Pelican Town area where the grandfather stayed. The game provides more than 50 content equivalent to each mission. As a beginner, you will have the option of building a farm based on the map, but the original land is quite rudimentary and full of weeds; you must clean it up before proceeding with your farm business.

Unlike many games of the same genre that follow a given plot, Stardew Valley has an open story, meaning that players can make the gameplay they decide. The main body, how the future develops, depends on the player. They can decide whether to run a farm business or build relationships with those around them. But if you don’t know what to do when you first start, the game will give you instructions to assist you in each situation.

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)


Stardew Valley has straightforward gameplay, but you also need a little experience to complete all missions. The beginning of the game will give you 15 seeds, and the first task is to plant them. The more quests you do, the more money you will get. In addition, during the move, you can also control the character to collect more materials to decorate your farm or use them to exchange for many other materials.

To successfully build a lively and bountiful farm. The following job you need to do is create an economy. To do this, you have to grow flowers, harvest seasonal fruits, raise livestock, and do crafts… Besides, the game is also an ideal place for you to show your creativity. Themselves through decorating the farm, building houses. And countless other special events are waiting for you to discover in this fascinating adventure.

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)


Stardew Valley also allows you to meet and connect with other characters in the village. To do this, you first need to pay attention to the birthday calendar of each village member and give them gifts. These gifts don’t have to be of great value; you sometimes need to pick a bunch of wildflowers to send them. Enhancing this relationship, you will receive many useful items from village members to continue building your farm.

To earn more money and collect more items, you should complete the cultural quests that the game provides to increase the interaction between the characters. From these missions, you can have the opportunity to make more friends, and especially you can choose 1 of 12 potential candidates to get married and build your own family. All activities take place for economic development and expansion of the barracks.

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)


The game also has many other exciting activities to help players earn more money. Players can participate in seasonal festivals organized by the villagers, go to the vast lakeshores to fish, stroll the shores to collect many variable stars, or cook food and produce crafts. In addition, if players want to experience more new things, the game also leads them to deep caves to discover mysteries to find treasure.

Besides, the game gives players many exciting activities and allows them to challenge themselves with other players through multiplayer mode. This is a new model provided by the game; with the participation of up to 3 players, the tasks will be completed more quickly. Also, during active exploration, it will be easier for them to subjugate if you accidentally come across dangerous monsters.

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)

Stardew Valley offers players various experiences with rich activities that are hard to find in any other game. In addition to engaging content, the game also carries high-quality images and sound effects. Significantly, the weather system changes flexibly but is extremely natural, giving players moments of entertainment.


– External Controller fixes
– Hats on horses
– Hatch Slimes outdoors
– Fantasy Board Game fix

Stardew Valley v1.4.5.151 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Mega)

SIZE : 250M

GURGE : Simulation

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– – Unlimited Money

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