STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)

STAR WARS: KOTOR II will take you lost in a chaotic world divided into two opposing factions and ready for endless battles.

Is a game genre on an adventure role-playing platform, set in dramatic star wars. The core value of the Game has been appreciated for being over 11 years old.


STAR WARS: KOTOR II takes place thousands of years before the rise of the Galatic Empire before the fate of the galaxy turns at the hands of father and son Skywalker. The chaos between the war between the two fronts and the villains in the most intense period, many attacks on the planets, threatening to destroy peace across the universe. In that chaotic period, you will play the role of a warrior lost between the two sides of the front line, do not know whether this is the past or the memory, not knowing who you are, all that’s left is a faint mind.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)

And next like that you get caught up in a fierce battle, a journey in Star Wars Kotor 2 full of adventure and death. On that journey, gamers will meet many different characters from all over the vast universe, each with a story of a heroic life. They possess in themselves completely different strengths, flexibly arranged in the most optimal team to support the battle to win against the enemy. Digging deeper into the gameplay of this game genre, Kotor 2 introduces gamers to the familiar “Pause Time” mechanism. That feature, each time you activate this mechanism, will stop all activities on the battlefield, allowing players to freely arrange formation, study tactics, and coordinate defense attacks. This must be the key to decide, creating a favorable opportunity for gamers to have time to calculate the gameplay and at the same time make decisions about the style of fighting at the most urgent moment.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)


How to play the game is quite complicated, requires players to learn carefully; or experience many times of gameplay, the new player is imbued with the storyline, gameplay as well as tactics, and many other things. There are many characters for you to choose from to arrange them into the best team you want, each character has their own strengths and powers so it is recommended that you go deep. Since then, we can make the best decisions for the formation, fighting style, and defense for our fleet, flexibly adapting to the enemy, not subjective but causing many shortcomings.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)

Also do not forget the important privilege that the Game publisher gives you, the mechanism “Pause time” will allow you to stop all activities on the battlefield of both the enemy and our side. Take advantage of this opportunity to think critically, and then devise offensive and defensive tactics, coordinating our troops properly. Grab the opportunity to quickly win for our side. Want to memorize the gameplay of this game, you should work hard to study tinkering, passion will lead you to success, becoming more and more in love with this promising role-playing game.


Although more than 11 years old, Star Wars Kotor 2 still gives players pretty vivid graphics on the Mobile version. In it, you completely feel the distant galaxy in the future with highly developed technology, where the most modern fleets of warships are floating in the galaxy. And the battles are full of fierce, dramatic battles with a bright blue-red sword, and layers of lasers cut across the level. Accompanied by the faces, physique, costumes, the eyes of the characters adorn the charisma of each character in the Game, whether just a passerby or a fellow friend to fight shoulder to shoulder. That also creates a background element for a thrilling, unique storyline.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)
In terms of sound, KOTOR 2 also revives the heroic, fierce, mysterious atmosphere of the Star Wars world through familiar melodies and noises. More distinctive was the sound of gunshots or the sound of Lightsaber swinging into the air to defeat enemies in the blink of an eye.


The game uses unique graphics and sound, a story imbued with macro war elements, character image content, fierce battles in the game. So, this Star Wars Kotor 2 has a capacity of approximately 3.8 GB is also understandable. However, with such a role-playing game containing such a massive storyline, gamers today will not hesitate to download the Game to the device to fight and experience the heroic glorious battle melody.

STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)

Star Wars Kotor 2 will immerse you in the magical world that you have longed for in the future, making you dispel all the hardships of the current rhythm of life. Emotions that arise when you successfully conquer each game screen in the game, keep in mind each stream of warm emotions anyone who has gone through this magical journey. Give yourself the chance to become one of the people who lived and died in the world Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic by downloading the game now!


STAR WARS: KOTOR II v2.0.2 APK + OBB (Full Paid/Patched)

SIZE : 2.3GB

GURGE : Adventure

– 2.0.2 – PAID

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