Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android

Are you looking for an infinite source of entertainment or a game that satisfies your endless entertainment needs? Then you have to come to Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic, which will bring you the most exciting moments. This action-adventure game has been installed tens of millions of times because of its attraction. So let’s find out what this game has to offer!

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android


Sonic, the Hedgehog™ Classic, is a fast-paced racing game with 2D graphics. The game focuses on Sonic’s task of running at high speed through levels from springs, ramps, holes to vertical ramps. The levels all contain dangers lurking that if you are not careful, you will be trapped. You can destroy the robot to free the creature, but it makes no sense in completing the game’s mission.

It would help if you stayed away from all dangers, such as avoiding touching spikes, falling into pits, or being crushed by walls. If the character falls into the water, you can prevent the ending by breathing air bubbles from the vent. Spin Attack is Sonic’s main means of attack; he will curl his body around like a ball and then roll quickly to touch enemies and certain obstacles, thereby dealing damage to them and destroy them. This can also be done by jumping or rolling on the ground.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android


At the start of Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic, Sonic will have three lives, and each life will be lost when Sonic collides with any obstacle or enemy without the ring. Signposts will act as a checkpoint, so Sonic can return to the nearest authorized position when he loses a life. The time will reset when Sonic returns to the nearest checkpoint. So be careful. If you run out of lives, your game will be over.

Each level of play will give you a lot of gold rings, collect 100 rings, Sonic will have one extra life. Rings will be what protects Sonic when he encounters any danger, and if you have any of them while colliding with enemies or obstacles, all rings will disappear. The game is divided into seven main areas, each with its own style and unique enemies and obstacles. And after completing the play areas with different levels from easy to difficult, in the “final area,” you have to be Robotnik’s machine – this is the villain behind the game. After completing this last mission, you will become the winner.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android


Dr. Robotnik conspired to steal six Chaos Emeralds to harness their power. In an attempt to carry out that plot, he traps the animal inhabitants of the South Island in aggressive robots and metal pellets. The player’s task is to control Sonic to enter the arduous and dangerous journey to rescue the poor animals and manually search for those rare Chaos Emeralds.

After finding all the Chaos Emeralds and completing the game, then the game sequence will end and declare you won. However, if you don’t collect enough Chaos Emeralds, you’ll be taunted by the evil Dr. Robotnik while he’s tossing and catching any gems you don’t collect. So win and don’t let his moment of triumph happen!

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android


This is an entirely free game, worth you to try to experience once in your life anytime you want. There are many colors of Sonic character grapes that you can choose according to your preferences. Super beautiful colorful 2D images and funny sounds will help you relieve stress and have the best relaxing moments with the game.

Other special features of Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic like controller support, the all-new Time Attack mode so you can challenge yourself. Especially the mobile optimization feature will make your mobile downloads very smooth, and the sound is tight and good.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android

Above is some information and gameplay of today’s hottest game – Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic. This game can be straightforward to play but to complete all missions, levels and become a winner is not easy at all; you have to practice and have an intelligent strategy to pass. Nevertheless, this is the game where you can prove yourself and bring limitless entertainment, the best relaxation for yourself. So to accompany Sonic now to have the best moments with the best game.


Sonic the Hedgehog Classic v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android

SIZE : 63M

GURGE : Adventure

– 3.6.3 – MOD

– 3.7.0 – Original

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