Soccer Manager 2018 v1.5.8 (MOD Money/Coins)

Football Manager Mobile 2018 is a great game of the SEGA that released recently, but it’s sold for a pretty high price, a price that not everyone can afford. And Soccer Manager 2018 is the latest product of Soccer Manager Ltd. This is also a football management game identical to Football Manager of SEGA but is offered completely free. Highlights here are the features that Soccer Manager 2018 brings almost no worse than Football Manager Mobile 2018. If you are looking for a game management team on the mobile phone. Why don’t you download now?

Soccer Manager 2018 v1.5.8 (MOD Money/Coins)

Although not as highly regarded as the product of SEGA or Konami Soccer Manager 2018 but still have attractive differences and become a product with a large fan behind. Proof that is despite being a junior but Soccer Manager 2018 still has excellent sound quality as well as graphics, great footballers and tournaments are not missing. Basically, Soccer Manager 2018 on the mobile platform is no different from the PC version. However, the manufacturer also quite understand the psychology of players when added to the “Social Feed” feature. This is a great feature that fans need because it tells us the daily life and the latest news about the footballers or club that fans love.

Soccer Manager 2018 v1.5.8 (MOD Money/Coins)

In addition, the maker also lavishes the player with features that allow players to connect with a lot of friends around the world, add their own avatar, monitor and talk to each other just like a football social network. The latest version will feature 17 different teams from around the world and more than 2000 well-known footballers that will allow you to create the best unique teams ever. As a game genre management so, of course, tactics still have to put on the first purpose. Soccer Manager 2018 is very focused on the transfer factor to decide a large part to win. Here, footballers will be involved in the global online transfer market, use the money in order to buy the best footballers or sell the ones that you think worse than before, then decide who will play on the match and who will sit on the bench.

Soccer Manager 2018 v1.5.8 (MOD Money/Coins)

Main Features

  • More than 14 tournaments from all over Europe, add two more US and Korean tournaments
  • The largest database player ever with more than 2,100 players and is constantly updated by the publisher, which makes the transfer market more aggressively.
  • Improved the role of players, increasing the difficulty of the game so much
  • The enhanced user interface, supporting most of the mobile devices available on the market today
  • Add a new football field
  • Supports English, Spanish, French …

Featuring a fantastic strategy gameplay and realistic 3D graphics, Soccer Manager 2018 will take down anyone who is addicted to the sport of football, download games to your phone to experience the best latest features.


Soccer Manager 2018 v1.5.8 (MOD Money/Coins)


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– 1.5.8 – Original

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