ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn v1.04.12 APK + OBB (All Unlocked) Download

The story of the heroes who came from poor families and their suffering lives has become very popular in many cultures. Western games exploit this content a lot and in East Asia, there are similar contents. ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn is the hero of the game born and raised in Asia but is fighting to stop the dangers of humanity in the West.

This is a new product from Mad Dog Games, LLC which is launched and released on Google Play. In fact, their products are very limited, not much. But their game was released on a lot of platforms and received positive reviews. First of all, Mad Dog Games always prioritize the way of building your character so that it is different from other games. The gameplay is simple, consistent with the plot, so it is suitable for all ages. Content is not so violent, so many people love their product and peace of mind in the free time.


Our peaceful world is hiding a tremendous danger, which can be considered a global disaster. National treasures of celebrity culture are the problem gradually unfolded in this story. Their true face is the demons who are planning to destroy the world with their cunning and power. Mankind will be enslaved by them and the only one who can liberate their fellow man is a poor Chinese. Shaq Fei Hung is just an orphan and his martial arts are trained by an anonymous master along with the mysterious power of the sacred Gold Bond. Knowing the dangers faced by humanity in the unfamiliar western world, the hero must leave the rural China hometown safely and peacefully. Travel to the most sordid and perilous corners of the far lane from home, he has to fight evil on his home turf

 Battle demonic forces as basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal

The familiar MFi control system is the best solution on smartphones today for these ARPG games. The left side is still a 4-way joystick because although ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn is set in the scene-scrolling game, it can move in many directions, making it a 2.5D game. In addition, the buttons in the game functions such as attack, jump, run, … are arranged scientifically on the right side of the screen. Blending them seamlessly with navigational keys will create beautiful and effective combos in certain situations.

The character of the game is Shaq Fei Hung, but his image is reminiscent of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. With a large body, healthy and flexible, use the learned martial arts techniques and destroy all the enemies in your path. Besides, ShaqFu’s: A Legend Reborn music has a special rap song. When you start fighting in the enormous and powerful look of a black basketball player, new rap tracks from the Big Diesel himself resound. Whether you’re fighting on the streets of modern times or in dungeon caves, these funky songs will make you jump. Feelings of excitement make the fight more effective.


The beautiful battle screen is a combination of the athletic moves of the athlete with Asian martial arts. Along with street music, this creates a unique atmosphere for a classic side-scrolling game. You can enjoy it now by downloading it on Google Play.


ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn v1.04.12 APK + OBB (All Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 700MB

GURGE : Arcade


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