Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

A story full of mysteries appears before the player’s eyes, and they are the key to solving it in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. You will spend a lot of time overcoming the challenges that this game brings, and your experience will vary depending on the environment you go to. So, you will indeed feel the urge to complete and uncover the mystery going on in Duskwood City.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)


A beautiful world directs players to many unique elements that anyone will love. Seekers Notes is beautifully designed where players will discover many mysterious things inside the game. At the same time, the game has the style of the novels of the previous centuries, where you can go to a city called Duskwood and see the beauty of the environments you can go to. Therefore, it urges players to experience what is in this game.

The game starts with the main character with a first-person perspective to see a ghost appear on the door. At the same time, the surrounding environment possesses a completely magical color that gives players attractive feelings. The scene changes when the character has seen a barrel with a strange light, and you move closer to satisfy your curiosity. At that moment, he found a map, and a mysterious person appeared.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

He looked through the gap in the door and saw a man approaching the room, and he immediately opened the door to meet the character. The player also learns that the main character is in a city called Duskwood, and he is the one chosen by the map. At the same time, in this game, players will have the task of helping the city escape the curse through their skills in finding objects and going to different locations.


You will be wholly impressed by the beauty of the impressive game, and you will spend a lot of time being able to experience it. But in some cases, beauty is sometimes a factor that makes it difficult for players because of its complexity. In other words, a place you go to will have many objects appearing, and there will be an important one you are looking for among them. Your job will be to find some required elements in the list and click on them when their position is detected.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

The environment in this game will be locked, and there is only one environment. During the game, you will be guided to perform many activities, which can be considered basic instructions for players. At the same time, in some cases, you will receive some rewards from leveling up and refresh your energy bar. In addition, every time you go to a place, the stories behind it may appear before your eyes.

You can see the man being drained of energy by a strange entity, and he disappears shortly after committing his heinous act. You will continue to find elements required in the game to complete the in-game quests and progress in the game. At the same time, the rewards of the environments can be the key that helps you unlock some other place on the map or the material to create something else.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)


The first stage, you experience Seekers Notes, will receive specific instructions, and gradually, the quest system appears. You can see them on the left side of the screen, and those are the items you will need to obtain in this game. Specifically, it can be the reward of the quest, the item on the game screen, or the crafted things when certain materials are collected. Therefore, you will need to determine what you need to do before starting a task.

Besides the gameplay of finding objects in each level, you can also experience an interesting match-three game. The gameplay is accessible to multiplayer as you will group three or more similar elements to accomplish the level’s goal. In particular, it could be a good set of a certain number of elements. So the player’s experience inside this game may change, and all will be challenges that the player will need to overcome.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)


The elements inside Seekers Notes are always valuable clues for you to find progress inside this game. At the same time, you can sometimes exchange it for getting some information from the character. This craft is straightforward, but it will take a little time to collect the materials. Once you have gathered, the process of creating items will be conducted, and depending on the characteristics of the item, the crafting process will take a certain amount of time.


1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Rubies
3. No Added Ads

Note: This game stores your data on the server, includes your currencies. There maybe be a chance of a ban. Feel free to leave feedbacks 🙂 Enjoy.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery v2.15.0 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 450M

GURGE : Adventure

– 2.15.0 – MOD

– 2.14.1 – MOD

– 2.15.0 – Original

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