Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

There are always worlds to be rescued; huge dragons need to be destroyed. A world that was born from a black hole, where human beings are slaves of a giant dragon. And a hero appears to destroy the beast then rescue the world. This familiar story, once again used in Sdorica Sunset, is a game released by Rayark International Limited, but with a new look and a new look.

Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

Storytelling: A “Game of Thrones” version of the game!

As a big fan of the hit series Game of Thrones, I was attracted to Sdorica Sunset from the first minute of gameplay by a “formidable story”. Sdorica’s gameplay story is highly rated by a tight and logical structure but not boring. Sdorica’s game world consists of a player’s main storyline-a guard-watcher on the journey of destroying the poisoned dragon, Sdorica, revolving around more than 30 subplots different characters. Before trying the game, I was quite shy with the subplot system seems a bit greedy and cumbersome to embrace too much conversation for a while.

Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

But the reality is quite the opposite, and this makes Sdorica Sunset officially “entered” the top role-playing their favourite in the last 3 months. As in the Game of Thrones series, the stories of Sdorica Sunset occur at different times but are well linked to each other, very ingenious and logical, giving the player an enjoyable experience from the storyline of the supporting character. It can be said that each character in Sdorica Sunset is a small puzzle, which creates a big picture, initially strange but will gradually become more real after every hour the players spend!

Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

Visual: 2D graphics party glitter

Unique and lovely are the two words to describe Sdorica Sunset’s illustrations. Although not a 3D graphics game with a metal mortar, but not so that Sdorica Sunset becomes less attractive in the graphics, graphics. The 2D graphics of the game are beautiful, designed like a vivid picture book with characters and contexts that are carefully and carefully crafted by the design team. Also, the character design style of the game is adorable slightly directed the animated Japanese anime. Design a game with a bit of a vivid picture book, resonate with the way storytelling of the game makes the player experience with the game more complete.

Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

Music: Great!

With the music from Chamber Zhou, the author of the soundtrack of one of the most popular games in 2013 – DEEMO, the sound is the highlight of the game. With the music orchestrated and produced entirely by a symphony orchestra, music in Sdorica is not inferior to the music in the favourite games such as Final Fantasy, Call of Duty and World of Craft.

Gameplay: A delicious but tasty cake

Nothing perfect, this one will lose another, Sdorica Sunset is not out of this rule. Perhaps, to maintain balance for the game, the gameplay of Sdorica Sunset did not really match the other elements of the game, making Sdorica Sunset like a delicious cake but still, lack of taste satisfied. The game merely revolves around supporting, attacking, defending, attacking parties, getting members on their way, etc. The highlight of the gameplay that I appreciate is that there are not any characters that are superfluous, even there are some characters that coordinate and help other characters are very effective, which makes building “team” “It’s interesting to consider the different factors that make up your team.

Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB


Overall, Sdorica Sunset MOD is a highly entertaining and entertaining game. I highly appreciate the Music, Storytelling and Graphics section of the game. The only exception is in the Gameplay section; hopefully, in the future, the publisher will improve this, more features, especially I hope that in the upcoming updates will have more equipment, Upgrade and build character.


Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG v3.6.0 APK + OBB

SIZE : 1.6G


– 3.6.0 – Original

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