Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

Rusty Lake Paradise is the latest puzzle adventure game in early 2018. Just one day after release, Rusty Lake has received a lot of praise from the players. If you are bored with gun action games, this is the best game for you in the early days of this year. Currently, the game is being offered on Google Play and the App Store for $ 3.5. If you are interested in this game, please read my introduction below before downloading this game.

Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

The story has depth

The plot of the game revolves around Jakob, who is the first child of the Eilander family. Having heard that his mother had died of a mysterious illness, he made his way back to his island after a long time. After he buried his mother, he decided to investigate the pandemic disease that was raging here. It seems that these diseases are related to a mystical creature that is hiding in this fairy island. Players will play the role of Jakob guy, then go exploring the secrets of this large island. Find out the causes of the disease and help those who are in danger here.

Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

Puzzle game is addictive

Before going to the gameplay of this game, I will introduce a little bit about the publisher. Rusty Lake is a talented developer who specialises in providing puzzles for mobile phones. Their most popular product is the Cube Escape series. If you have time, I suggest you download and try out their products. It will not disappoint you. Rusty Lake Paradise’s gameplay focuses on puzzles. So the game fits in with the lovers of the genre. In particular, it will be very time consuming to win one level but trust me, the experience that this game brings is fantastic. It’s as enjoyable as the LIMBO or INSIDE.

You will have to explore everything around the land you live in, from murky lakes, old castles, or even empty villages. The puzzles will appear gradually on your exploratory journey, so you must solve that sentence at this level before the next level. Just like the detective games, you will have to pay close attention to the details appearing on the screen as these are the clues that help you find the truth.

Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

Excellent 3D graphics

Featuring impressive 3D graphics, Rusty Lake Paradise APK promises to be no worse than any action game available on Google Play today. However, as we can see, the manufacturer has put on this game a dark colour. This means that the things you are going to experience will not be good at all. Besides, the sound of the game is entirely appropriate; the melodious songs rang out every time Jakob explored a new land will bring an enjoyable experience. Makes the player feel excited.

Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

Download the free Rusty Lake Paradise for Android/iOS?

This is a paid game sold for $3.5 on Google Play, but we will still provide an APK file if you need it. Make sure you buy from the app market to get the best support from the publisher. Rusty Lake Paradise APK is a fun puzzle adventure game that is worth a try in these bleak early days. If you have already played this game, please tell me what you think is in the comment section.


Rusty Lake Paradise (Paid/free) v1.0.21 APK free download for Android

SIZE : 98M

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.0.21 – PAID

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