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Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)

Room Planner is an application that allows you to design a house in 3D style with thousands of items and decor available.

The art of home decoration is an important factor for every family, as the furniture must match the color of the house as well as their design. Because of that, the interior design profession was born, and it has successfully brought every house a lot of new beauty with the only furniture with special designs and colors. So have you ever wanted to decorate the house with your own aesthetic or creative perspective? If you want to experience interior design work, then try out Room Planner, where you generate revenue with creativity and aesthetics while deciding on the interior of each home. The game will use the most advanced 3D graphics, bringing a sense of authenticity on all angles, thereby improving the player’s experience.

Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)


Room Planner is a game whose gameplay is mainly made for players to furnish their homes. That’s right, their own homes, not a worker of an interior design company. For many people, the design of their own home will be more wonderful, because it is their home, and players always want the most beautiful thing in their home. Similar to this game, when the player must use all available interior designs to decorate each house and each of their rooms. It can even be said that each player’s house is a unique challenge, and the player must make it perfect to their imagination.


Player houses represent a challenge, but more interesting is that they will be diverse in style and culture. Each house has its characteristics in shape, color, and atmosphere. The player’s task is to complete all the challenges assigned, using the most suitable furniture, and getting the highest possible rating. The game uses an intelligent AI to judge the player for each challenge. Therefore, the creativity of the player is what determines the value of each design. The houses will be diverse, even have many variations, and be a perfect combination of East and West. Players will also have the opportunity to witness the architectural style of the past and present, thereby freeing up their creativity to create the best works.

Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)


When it comes to interior designers, they are the ones who have the most knowledge about the types of interior designs. Similarly, in this game, the player will have access to a massive library of furniture, with a variety of colors, designs, cultures, and styles. Everything about the interior will be in this game, giving players the freedom to choose any style for their homes. However, the game does not allow players to arrange the furniture in a mess arbitrarily, but players need to place them at designated locations. These locations are marked in each room, and they will display the name of the type of furniture as well as the models that players can set. The game is inherently simple and does not take much time; players need to choose the color, style and shape following the overview of the room.

Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)


Room Planner will take players’ home design skills to the next level by promoting it to the world. Yes, the game will continually bring players a multitude of different challenges, and these challenges will have great rewards as well as show the player’s decoration skills. After players complete a challenge, they can share their work with the Room Planner community, where other design experts will self-assess. All are players, and being judged by other players is a great honor for interior design professionals. Also, the challenge will come with many different variations, such as time limits, and even budget limits. Players will face many challenges that often appear while designing their homes, which will stimulate their creativity to a new level.

Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)


Room Planner is a simulation game of interior design, so it must have the most realistic 3D graphics to create authentic feelings for the house as well as the furniture. Also, players can activate the preview mode to experience the whole house through many different perspectives. Players can even add 3D models, even a family, to test their level of satisfaction. It can be said that the graphics of the game are top-notch, and it promises to bring players many other surprises in the future.

Becoming an interior design expert has to go through many processes, such as endless creativity and perfect taste of art, as well as knowledge of interior designs. Room Planner is a design simulation game, and it is considered one of the best choices to give players a true experience of the interior designer.


Room Planner v1049 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)

SIZE : 480M

GURGE : Art & Design

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– 1049 – Original

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