Retro8 – NES Emulator v1.1.15 APK – Free Download for Android

Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as NES, is one of the consoles made by the famous Nintendo manufacturer. Perhaps we are no stranger to this series, and as children, this must be one of the devices that we wish to own the most. In this device, there are arcade games top-rated at that time for players to entertain. Some people even spend hours sitting in front of a TV screen playing these games. But no matter how hard you try, it is challenging to play all the games that have been put on the device. When playing these games, you will feel very interesting, although the game market is growing with a lot of new and high-quality games. But they can’t give you the feeling you were when you were young.

Retro8 - NES Emulator v1.1.15 APK - Free Download for Android

If players want to review the old memories, please go to the “Retro8” application, this is an NES emulator, and there are many games included. The app is produced by Neutron Emulation, and this is a manufacturer that has released many applications to simulate NES games. Coming to this application, you will relive the memories of your childhood with the games of NES. The app promises to bring players great gaming and entertainment moments, like what you have ever experienced before.


Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Game Machine

Previously, to use NES, players needed to connect the device with a TV to play. At that time, this was a common way for players to use the device to play games. Players can only sit in front of the TV screen to play the game, but cannot move and play the game at the same time. But now, with the technology growing, players only need a phone and download this app to play anytime, anywhere. This feature will provide excellent support for players, and they can play anywhere without having to perform cumbersome operations anymore.

Retro8 - NES Emulator v1.1.15 APK - Free Download for Android

Classic Games

This is the most outstanding feature of the application, and it is what makes the app attract a lot of users around the globe. If you have come to this application, you probably want to experience the games that have ever played on NES. The app will bring you the top famous games that you have ever experienced and not even experienced. Come to “Fighting Hero III” to be immersed in exciting matches. Join the adventure against the evil forces in the game “Megaman”, rescue the beautiful princess with Mario in the game “Super Mario Bros” … And there are many other titles more for players to comfortably explore.

Support Bluetooth Connection

If playing on the phone screen with virtual keys is not enough for players to revive that feeling, then do not worry because the application also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Players only need to buy a gamepad with Bluetooth connectivity to be able to play games more comfortably. Players will experience the feeling of a past childhood, most honestly with this feature.

Cheat code Support

Previously, there were many games that players could not complete because they were too difficult compared to us when we were young. Even up to now, we have not been able to achieve those games. But players do not need to worry about that anymore because if it can not be overcome, the application also has the cheat code to support the player. This app gives players thousands of different cheat codes for different games to experience. But we do not recommend this because if you use cheat code, players will not be able to experience the game as completely as possible.

Retro8 - NES Emulator v1.1.15 APK - Free Download for Android

Play With Friends

Previously, an NES machine would have two gamepads so that players can play games with their friends. Now this will also be an indispensable feature of the application. Players can play games with their friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to share experiences with their friends.

“Retro8” is an application that is liked and appreciated by many players, because the experience it brings is great. Players will relive memories of the past when using this application to play games.


Retro8 – NES Emulator v1.1.15 APK – Free Download for Android


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