Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

When the TV was just created, the homes that owned a TV were the focus of attention everywhere. Whenever a movie or program is broadcast on TV, an entire neighborhood goes to houses with TV to watch the programs on TV together. In those days, TVs had only rudimentary shapes and showed a tiny number of TV programs, but that was more than enough at that time. Nowadays, TVs with outstanding designs and features have been launched and bring great entertainment experiences to everyone. We already have smartphones, and now we have one more thing to use, which is smartTV. Not only can the phone have an operating system, but the TV can also be used as a phone with the Android operating system to use. Users can easily access the internet or do whatever they want with their TV. And if you want more convenience, then Remote Mouse application to know your phone into a mouse. Users can operate more quickly on their big TV and get what they need faster.

Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)


Before using this application, the user needs to know what it can do and its convenience. This application is mainly used to know the user’s phone into a mouse to use for TV. When a smart TV is created, its remote is a mouse, but there is a remote without this feature. So if you want to have a mouse, it takes some money to buy. If you want to use this application, you will have to satisfy one condition that is the application installed on both devices, TV, and smartphone. But if you use this application, users do not need to do it and save a relatively large amount of money. Just download the app and connect it to the user’s TV, and you’ll be given a mouse to use immediately. Then the user can operate a lot faster than using each button to move.

Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Easy to connect

Maybe many people will think that it is difficult to connect, but this application is not too difficult to connect as they imagine. As a smartphone and TV, it has a wifi connection feature to use the internet. As long as both are connected to the same wifi network, both can connect easily; anyone can do it. But since this doesn’t always work, the creative team added another way to prevent it. The second way to connect these two things is through the IP address; just enter the IP address of the application installed on the TV on the phone to be connected. If the first method fails, the second method will be a backup to connect the two. Although the second option will take longer, it shouldn’t be too much.

Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)


Not only works as a mouse with many features, but the app also acts as a TV remote. When the TV remote control is damaged, or the battery runs out, the app can also act as an alternative remote to use. The features that this replacement remote has can not be inferior to an original remote for users to use. Users can use the application to switch channels, increase or decrease the volume, and do many other actions for this application.

Use as a wireless keyboard

Besides giving the user the main feature is the mouse, but the application is also a wireless keyboard for users to use. When you rotate the mobile device to the left or right, you can see the full-screen keyboard appear in landscape or portrait view. If you use the regular keyboard, it will take a lot of time to type. So with the use of the function as a keyboard, everything will be much improved and more convenient to use.

Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Connecting multiple devices

Not only is it allowed to connect to a TV, but this app can also connect to many other devices for use in many different situations. The application can connect to the tablet to use it as a real computer. Or can be connected to a computer to operate and conveniently with the user’s device.


Remote Mouse v4.017 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

SIZE : 18M

GURGE : Tools

– 4.014 – PRO

– 4.017 – Original

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