Reed 2 APK free download for Android

Reed 2 – On the game market now There are always some types of games that require skills as well as a careful gamer like Super Mario, Rambo,… Most of the games are designed quite naturally lightweight; anyone gamer can play and experience. Because of the high level of care required, it is possible that only one or two enemies can die, so this type of game is interesting but does not provide the inhibitor for the player. The same type of game like this, here I would like to introduce to you a game that is quite fun but no less difficult is “Reed 2.”

Hardcore pixel platformer, Reed is back!

First, on how to play, you will have to play a role as a cute cat but vulnerable from all good outside. External elements may be enemies or stones falling from the cave ceiling. Just like Super Mario, it’s imperative that you only play with the above elements if you are forced to play again. It is hard not to. The game is started by having a cave door appear, and a cat comes out, you will control the cat to find the gate leading to another stage. And on the way from the starting point to the end goal, you have to go through many things such as having multiple enemies firing continuously or having a lot of rhinoceros or falling from the cave ceiling. So try to avoid all.

…and the adventure continues, but not like before.

Second, about moving, you can jump left and right jump once and jump twice. The hard part is that you have to move very finely to calculate the time carefully to avoid all of your opponent’s bullets before you can pass the screen.

Because this is a continuation of “Reed,” so the gameplay is the same. If you’ve played “Reed,” then Reed 2 will bring you a very familiar feeling. Fun to pass the screen or inhibit when approaching the target is the enemy. All you will have to experience again in the Reed 2 game. Regarding version, this game is not too heavy to install – only in 116.1MB only. Also, because it is designed based on 2D, so the way to move is also quite easy. And in addition, some new features that manufacturers try to improve in this game are:

  • Focus on background music – to help gamers have a new experience.
  • The game is highly addictive – When playing a player is easily attracted
  • Levels harder and more snare requires players to mobilize the ability as well as thinking to pass the screen. follow
  • The easy control over character – this can help players play more easily and gain more rewards in the game.

Ambient music!

Background music is focused and upgraded regularly, each time through the new game is a high thinking game should make sure the game will bring you a happy time after these constant stress work. As mentioned above, it does not require too much configuration so anyone can play and experience it. Please install and reach the destination of the final stage, you guys!


Reed 2 APK free download for Android

SIZE : 100MB

GURGE : Adventure

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