Rebel Racing v2.31.15881 MOD APK (Nitro/Frozen AI)

Rebel Racing (MOD, Activate Nitro/Frozen AI) is introducing intense race matches with a high destruction rate and various customization ranges for high-end vehicles and maps.

Since each of us is a child, toy car models are always one of the best-selling items in any toy store on sale. Or the movie titles about cars are also always loved by people that typical can be seen as the movie “Cars” and the famous action movie title “Fast and Furious”. Therefore, the game genre that is played by the most people of all ages cannot help but mention the racing game genre. We must be familiar with the very good racing games that came out some time ago such as: Project Cars, Split / Second, iRacing, Dirt 3, … But putting those games aside. Today I will introduce to you a racing game that you cannot miss, which is Rebel Racing released by Hutch Games – a manufacturer doing very well on these games – promises to bring you the intense battle of the super car possesses tremendous speed.

Rebel Racing v2.31.15881 MOD APK (Nitro/Frozen AI)


Rebel Racing is a racing game that is extremely familiar to us. When you first join the game, you will be put directly into a real race, so you can quickly get used to the game. After the end of the start match, you will choose a car that you love the most on the list. It will become your closest companion and go through the most arduous journey and the most dangerous bends to defeat every opponent and finish first. It is the beginning of the game that tells us that the game has fast-paced gameplay that once you enter the race, you will have no choice but to move forward quickly, or you will be immediately be left behind. The gameplay is simple, but if you do not have a good skill and the right strategy, it will not be simple for you to get the desired end position. In the beginning, like many other players, when you first play, you will only choose basic cars with not too high performance.

Rebel Racing v2.31.15881 MOD APK (Nitro/Frozen AI)

But if you start taking part in completing the races, then after each match will give you a certain economic source to replenish your account from which you can upgrade and bring. Make yourself a more powerful car. In addition, there are also gifts that are given to players after completing certain tasks. But you should also know that cars are just a tool to support us on the track because besides that, you need to train yourself good vehicle control skills. If not, even if your opponent owns cars less powerful than you, then accepting failure is inevitable. The virtual keys displayed on the screen are not many and very easy for you to use. On both sides of the screen are two navigation keys so you can drive your car. In addition, there is an accelerator key that you can speed up to overcome your opponent. A good combination of navigation keys while on the track will help you not to be caught in obstacles, so you can get the best speed.

Rebel Racing v2.31.15881 MOD APK (Nitro/Frozen AI)


Also can not ignore the interesting features that players will experience when playing “Rebel Racing”. Diverse vehicle systems with the cars that we have known outside. This means you can buy for yourself a car that you have loved for a long time, but do not have the conditions to buy, right here in “Rebel Racing”. Not only that, you can customize and upgrade the car in the real world to be a great supercar, and then take you to the top of the Rebel Racing tournament. It’s great, isn’t it! You will be playing with the best drivers in the world on beautiful racing tracks!

Graphics and images

This will definitely be a plus point that you will be extremely impressed with this game. Rebel Racing owns the leading graphics in the market, FX. You will experience the extremely sharp and beautiful images that bring the extremely interesting feeling. Additional gadgets are speedfreak, turbines, and beautiful West Coast locations. Rebel Racing brings a whole new dimension to the mobile racing genre. All of the above may be enough for you to see that Rebel Racing will be a game that gives you a new wind beside the familiar and worthy things that you can not ignore.


1. MOD Menu
2. Activate Nitro
 // Activates Nitro Boost

3. Frozen AI Enemies // AI Enemies dont Move


  • Frozen AI Enemies may cause visual glitches that make it seem the enemy has disappeared, but they have not and you might still bump into them!
  • Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Rebel Racing v2.31.15881 MOD APK (Nitro/Frozen AI)

SIZE : 365M

GURGE : Racing

apk installer
– 2.31.15881 – MOD

apk installer
– 2.31.15571 – MOD

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