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For those who love and support NetEase developers, probably their popular games such as Hunting Era, PUBG or Onmioji will be used by many and satisfied with what the provider brings. This is also a new NetEase game, Quantum Special Attack, which is based on the successes of the previous ones that will be released to the public. NetEase is one of the developers of mobile games from China with a series of hit the market. Recently, with two PUBG Mobile super pieces Knives Out and Rules of Survival turn to reach 100 million and 80 million downloads only after a short time has brought the brand of NetEase to a new height.

Familiar survival genre

The player controls a character from start to finish. These games also allow multiplayer mode. Your character will have to perform many different tasks individually. Equipped with necessary equipment. Characters can fly in the air thanks to the most modern equipment, running through high-stacks of container containers using staircases or needing some space to escape without them, while enemies are coming very close. The devices also offer quick disguise as field puppets and many other interesting things await players after reaching more difficult levels. They all fit in with this form of dangerous fighting. Another important part is the weapon.


The light colour combines with sophistication and gives the player peace of mind from the first glance when watching in front of the screen a quiet sky of the sunset without a shadow. It gives a lot of thought and, of course, that peace is only the background for the upcoming wars. There are some similarities with Fortnite, the graphics in Quantum Special Attack are quite different from other games of the same genre. The fight will start everywhere from the street, the parking lot or any other house. The game offers 2 languages in Japanese and Chinese. When using the Chinese version, you can also read more specific details about the game. But not understanding the language is okay because of the player’s main battle. Weapons and other equipment are also available for illustration and just guess.

Characters – Gameplay

Unlike other survival games, the characters in Quantum Special Attack are designed in an animated style. It is for this reason that it is called the Fortnite Battle Royale mobile version. There will be many types of characters for the player to choose from, so you can combine the costumes to make your character special. Once you have created the character, you will be dropped into a large island. Your mission is not to explore this island, nor to rescue those who are in danger here. Your mission is to kill the people who are here. You have to be the last survivor to be the winner. The first difference that we see is that the parachute is replaced by the skateboard. Next, is the map is designed in a completely different style, it is not harsh, not as dangerous as PUBG. It looks very peaceful. The weapons in Fortnite Mobile are fully designed, you will no longer see AWM or pistol. Instead, they are electric guns like the Fortnite version on a computer.

Sum up

Become one of the members who perform secret missions and always performs well, to the Quantum Special Attack for mobile phones, the latest experience of the new version of Fortnite loyal Battle has exported. It promises to bring players the most comfortable moments. Here’s all the information we have about NetEase Quantum Special Attack. We hope that with the combination of the two hottest survival brands, PUBG and Fornite, Quantum Special Attack will continue to bring great success right after launch on the mobile platform.


Quantum Special Attack – APK download for Android


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