ProCam X (HD Camera Pro) v1.22

If you’re really wanna becoming a photographer, you’ll want a great camera to take really good pictures. However, your pocketbook does not allow that. All you have is an old camera on an outdated phone, video capture software is too cramped to do much. You will probably feel confused and do not know where to start. Then please introduce the Procam X application, this will be a suitable solution for you.

Turn your phone into a professional camera

Procam X is a professional photography app for mobile phones, especially for low-model phones with outdated camera sets. This app takes your phone’s camera to a whole new level. If you’ve only ever been able to take photos and videos at a resolution of only 480p, or 720p is just enough to look, then you can now improve the quality of your photos and videos up to 4K UHD. This software will make your phone camera smarter with ultra-modern camera algorithms. These algorithms will help your phone camera can adjust the image completely automatically. In addition, you can use other customized features.


Discover the advanced features of this photography app

Many different modes

The first feature of the application is to customize the image focus with 6 different modes. The first mode is Auto Focus. With this feature, the application will adjust the lens of the camera to focus the image automatically. The second mode is the Focus Macro, which allows you to take better photos of the background when taking close-ups of objects close to the camera. The third mode is the Focus lock. You will click on a specific point on the screen and your camera will lock on that point to focus until you click elsewhere to change another point. The fourth mode is Focus Infinity. This mode is the exact opposite of Focus Macro mode, instead of removing the background, it will make objects in the distance clear and the objects near the camera will blur. The fifth mode is Manual Focus. In this mode the application will give you a lens simulator, you can surf to rotate it like a real camera lens. The final mode is the Focus Continous Picture. This mode makes it easier for your camera to focus on capturing moving objects.

4K camera recording

It also has features for you to adjust the shutter speed, support for taking photos and videos of fast-moving objects. You can let the application adjust automatically or customize to your liking in case the automatic mode is not enough to meet the needs. This feature, when combined with the Focus Continous Picture mode, makes it easier for your camera to keep up with fast-moving objects such as vehicles on the road, or children playing in the park. The picture you take will now become more professional than ever. In addition, the application also allows you to adjust the brightness. With this feature, you can also choose automatic or manual mode like other modes to adjust the brightness for images. Along with adjusting brightness, the application also allows you to customize the light balance so that the image is suitable for the surrounding environment such as electric light sieve, cloud cover, sunlight, …

HDR, Manual Focus…

You will receive that this exposure balancing mode is actually like adjusting the color temperature for images if you adjust them manually. The higher the color temperature, the more colorful the image will be in the warmer colors, namely red. If you set the color temperature to low, the image color will favor a cold color that is blue. Another extremely outstanding feature of this application is that it supports HDR photography, which helps your camera to capture extremely clear images in the context of the scene including a bright spot.

Realtime Photo Filter

The application has an extremely easy-to-see and easy-to-use interface. At the top of the application, the interface is a quick custom toolbar, which allows you to quickly customize the camera without the hassle of steps. You can adjust the resolution of the image with a simple touch, or customize the sound to turn off the video, etc. If your phone has a memory card built-in, you can customize the application. Use to save photos and videos in there to save phone space.

In short, Procam X is a great application for both amateur and professional photographers who specialize in taking photos with their phones. The application will turn your obsolete camera into a better one by the extremely modern camera algorithms. If you are passionate about photography and want to start a business, this app is a better choice.


ProCam X (HD Camera Pro) v1.22

SIZE : 4.6MB

GURGE : Photography


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