Pokemon Quest (MOD,Unlimited Battery, Tickets) v1.0.5 APK download for Android

Since 1996, Japan has created a game that makes the whole world vibrant. Nintendo continues to position itself in the global gaming market with this product. In 1981, they released a game called Mario to become the most profitable game of all time. Until now, it’s still one of the most popular brands of games with a lot of games coming out of it. Next to it, in 1996, Pokemon came out and became the second highest-grossing game in the world after his older brother, Mario.

After nearly 23 years, Pokemon continues its journey to conquer the world with a multitude of products such as games, comics, anime, toys, … are launched every year. Therefore, in the summer of 2018, Nintendo began to shift its production of games to different graphics. Pokémon Quest is their newest game with graphics that are not identical to their classic games but to their characters becoming cubes. Maybe it will make interesting gaming and attract a lot of players to the game.

An interesting adventure game

Mission in a very simple. You will be able to control 3 Pokémon and fight with other Pokemon available on a large map. The game can only end when you destroy all enemies in the map. Designers have added a mechanics that makes the game much easier to find the targets. This means that your Pokemon will automatically move around the map and look for attacks. At that point, the virtual buttons are ready to press and you have to launch the most powerful skills. It’s easier than these skills to automatically direct to the target.

Another fun mode of the game is camp base to keep the collected Pokemon. There you will cook delicious foods to satisfy your Pokemon and have the ability to decorate them as your real house. Going to camp and take a rest, look at the decoration is also satisfactory?


Except for the novelty of gameplay, the game attracts players with their fancy graphics. It should be said that these cubes like Minecraft will win the hearts of many players from many ages. From over 20-year-olds who watched the game from early days to young gamers just getting acquainted with Nintendo games. Scenery around is also designed fun with trees, mountains, rocks, streams in cubes style and harmony with beautiful colour. But at the camp base, you are the master of everything from decoration to pieces of furniture arrangement.

Although it is made with such simple graphics, it still ensures full 3D quality with a 360-degree rotation that can be viewed in full view. Moreover, the movement of everything is refined to the maximum. Thanks to that, the combat skills with the disorder but still easy for players to distinguish each skill of each Pokemon.


Over the years, however, Pokémon have retained their style and class, showing a lot of the efforts of the Nintendo manufacturer. In addition, game players are increasingly demanding more rigorous with the entertainment products that they spend money on the buy. Every year, the launches must be innovative and innovative. The game is currently being released on the Nintendo Switch and will be coming out on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Stay tuned !!!

MOD Info

  • Unlimited PM Tickets
  • Unlimited Recipe Items
  • Unlimited Rainbow Matter
  • Unlimited Battery Refills
  • Quests Rewards Hacked
  • Achievements Rewards Hacked
  • All Quest Cooking Pots can be Unlocked thru Quest hack (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Unlimited Battery Hack

Notes: buy a Decoration from the item shop to gain 4081 tickets. Thanks to this Ultra Mod you have full control of your resources so you can freely decide how many PM tickets, recipe items, skill stones etc you need and collect just the strictly necessary, if you like challenges, or collect as many achievements/quests as you can if you prefer an easier gameplay.

If, after the first battle, the game crashes, IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF THE MOD BUT BECAUSE THE GAME IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE. Try with the original version if you don’t trust me. If you were using an emulator, a good solution is to use another emulator called “MEmu” which has been reported to be working fine with this game.


  • Money increases when spent
  • High Damage
  • God Mode

Pokemon Quest (MOD,Unlimited Battery, Tickets) v1.0.5 APK download for Android

SIZE : 200MB

GURGE : Adventure

– 1.0.5 – MOD

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