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Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

A podcast, or generally netcast, is a series of digital audio or video files that the user can download and listen to. Usually, podcasts are delivered as subscriptions, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via the web to the user’s computer, mobile application, or portable media player. After the advent of podcasts, a wealth of new content has been released, diverse in fields, and can even be found throughout the Podcast community. This article will introduce Podcast Guru, a podcast collection, and offer users the best listening experience. It is also a powerful podcast community, offering users attractive options for personalizing the app and finding podcasts.

Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Podcast Guru will bring together all the podcasts in the world and their episodes so that users can easily follow the latest updates. Therefore, the application will have a user-friendly interface designed and easily display all the covers of the podcasts to the user. The application automatically organizes all content and they are organized into different categories for users to filter content. Of course, users can easily navigate between categories by swiping or using the navigation bar placed on the screen. In the application settings, it will provide users with many attractive options for them to easily personalize the application, such as filtering content, changing the interface, interacting with features, etc.

Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Podcast Guru will have all podcasts in the world, and at the home page of the app will be new podcasts along with their new content. Therefore, they will gradually become popular as new content reaches users. Meanwhile, the other categories will be the place to categorize the popular podcasts or of a certain genre. The podcast collection of this application is endless; even users can use the versatile filter to select the podcasts that are suitable for themselves quickly. The content of podcasts is varied and rich, and their duration is similar and can be divided into episodes for users to look forward to. Users can personalize the app, so the content is automatically mentioned in their favorites category.


The Discover feature of Podcast Guru is a convenient feature for those who are unfounded about their preferences. It will display the trending podcasts according to the names of famous people, and even according to individual genres. Thanks to the app’s interface design, it will display the content of any podcast, such as the episode, publication date, content, and even the publishing schedule for each episode. Moreover, through discover categories that users can easily expand their playlist, thereby creating a collection of podcasts with content suitable for themselves.

Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Podcasts are usually sections of talk about a certain subject, which are initially created in only sound and do not need visuals. The content of a podcast episode needs to be communicated to the user even if it is just an audio file, so users can listen to the podcast while doing other things. The uses of a podcast are endless and effective, where users can comfortably listen to funny stories from their favorite characters. Moreover, “Podcast Guru” will ensure the user’s listening experience is absolute, even easily interacting with the episode via notification bar or lock-screen. It also comes with an audio editing tool to help users easily absorb the content of podcasts with the best sound quality.

If the user has problems with the language acquisition of podcasts, the application will also have the ability to change playback speed, to help users easily absorb the content with the highest accuracy.

Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Many people fall asleep often while listening to podcasts, and there are even podcasts containing content about sleeping meditation. The app will have a sleep-timer feature, which causes the device to go to sleep after a fixed amount of time automatically. With that feature, users can optimize battery life, even have a deep sleep if you accidentally overslept while listening to podcasts.


Playlist, also known as Favorite, is a feature that allows users to save all the podcasts they are interested in quickly. Users can also customize playlists, such as categorizing podcasts and creating a shortcut to each podcast each time they access the application. Users can access the playlist while listening to podcasts through the notification bar or lock screen to change the current content.

Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Podcasts are a mix of iPod and broadcast, and it even gives users useful information about all kinds of fields. If you want to experience listening to podcasts anytime, anywhere, then Podcast Guru will be a perfect choice for you.


Podcast Guru v1.9.3-beta9 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


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